Tuesday 6 August 2019

Prussians v Russians : Black Powder Game at Mike's

After a long hiatus due to moving house, I was able to finally get a game at Mike's.

Steve C had the Prussian forces, I the Russians and Mike presided.

The Prussians had four infantry brigades giving them 14 battalions against three Russian infantry brigades with 9 battalions.  Each side had a cavalry brigade of three regiments : the Prussians had 2 lancer and one hussar, the Russians each of a cuirassier, dragoon and hussar, the Russians also had a cossack unit skulking through the woods at the far end of the table. Both sides had three guns.

The Russian forces arrayed on their base line

and here are the Prussians

This village dominated the centre of the table

My Russians won the initiative throw, so the Grenadier brigade hurried to get into the village before the enemy

On my right, another infantry brigade advanced across a wheat field

Whereas this brigade opted to stand fast

The Prussians had advanced a battalion between the farm and a pond which was enough to bring the cossacks out of the woods to try and catch them before they could form square - it didn't work so the cossacks withdrew into the trees again !

Between the farm and the village a Prussian brigade advances in line

The Prussian infantry that had been forced into square by the cossacks proceeded to get hit by artillery fire and disordered

Ivana Trumpianova runs a nice little vodka bar in the village

Thoughts of food and drink sent us off to the Horse & Groom for an early lunch !

Back at the battle, two of the Russian guns have been steadily pounding the Prussian Landwehr brigade - and they all broke leaving a gaping hole in the Prussian lines

and about the same time, the Prussians in square had taken too many casualties and failed their break test - they fled too.

With Prussian infantry edging ever closer in the centre, the Russian infantry brigade to the right of the cavalry decided to charge

as the Russian grenadiers moved further into the village

the fight for the centre was a stalemate so the melee continues

more Prussian troops were thrown into the fray but gradually the Russians got the upper hand

The Russian hussars and dragoons were ordered to charge the Prussian gun beside the farm

they destroyed the gunners and were about to continue on to the Prussian infantry when they, the infantry collapsed - they had broken from the fight after losing the infantry melee 

The Russian hussars pressed on but found themselves isolated - the cavalry brigade were ordered back to their own lines

At this point, the Prussian cavalry attempted to charge the Russian guns on my right but failed to get there and took casualties coming in from both the guns and the infantry in the corn field  

The Russian gunners proceeded to destroy the first unit but undeterred, the others turned to try and charge the infantry beyond the hedges 

as the Russians were dominating this central position

The Russians managed to form square so the Prussian cavalry withdrew

but casualties from Russian fire saw another unit destroyed - the brigade commander wonders where all his men have gone !

Prussian infantry still try to press on with an advance on their right

The left sees the remaining Prussian hussars trying to get back to their own lines

Prussian infantry from the centre have been ordered over to the left flank and they now charge the advancing Russian infantry 

but the Russians win the melee and the Prussians have to retreat.

With daylight rapidly fading and his army in no fit state to continue, the Prussian commander orders a withdrawal from the field.

Emphatic victory for the Russians today. 

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  1. Two great looking armies. Great looking board. Exciting game. Who could ask for more? Great stuff. 👍🏻


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