Sunday 22 May 2016

Partizan 2016 : Newark Showground

Steve Clarke and I made the two hour journey up the A1 to Newark today for our first time at the Newark Showground and here is what we found.

A large bright and airy modern venue with reasonable facilities and acres of free parking.

When we arrived at 1045 a queue of customers was filing in but without delay we were inside

Henry Hyde setting up his equipment to do some shots for Miniature Wargames magazine 

Simon Miller & friends put on this eye-catching Ancient battle using his marvellous "To The Strongest" rules 

The Perrys had an early war desert game going on

ACW action using rules originally penned by the late, great, Peter Gilder which the Bramley Barn Wargamers in association with Legendary Wargames will be releasing soon once the "tweaking" has been completed

Another set of rules soon to be launched ...

A loud noise outside announced the arrival of a Dakota over the show ground !

Back to the Ancients game ...

Colourful Wars of the Roses action ...

We left around 3pm after having met up with many wargaming friends for a chat or a drink - a great day out - oh, and yes, I did make some unexpected purchases - mostly unexpected by the Missus !