Friday 29 August 2014

Panzer Blitz !

We have now started the latest Eastern Front campaign "Bashyna or Bust" from Too Fat Lardies for I Ain't Been Shot Mum games

and not unreasonably we kicked off with the first scenario with both Germans and Soviets trying to capture and hold the bridge near Osen.  Here are the Orders of Battle ...

Here's an over view of the battlefield seen from the German end ...

and Blinds are now evident

with the Germans getting the run of the cards enabling them to crack on

Three T34s are spied on the hill

so two zigs of Panzers uncloaked themselves and gave fire

with immediate effect

Two T34s "brewed up"

In reply, the Soviets managed to inflict some damage on the Zug leader's Pv.IV

That notwithstanding, he encouraged the others forward

and another round of fire on the remaining T34 caused the crew to bail out and run

More T34s arrived

but the Panzers charged up the hill

got around the flank

and promptly dispatched two more Soviet tanks which exploded killing their tank riding infantry too.

All was lost for the Russians and the German infantry in trucks were able to take the bridge completely unmolested

This was a terrible day for Steve Clarke,the Soviet commander, as the cards and the dice were completely against him - fortunately for me, he shuffled and dealt so no blame could be laid at my door !

Usually, our games are tense fairly evenly balanced affairs, so this was most out of the ordinary.

Still, after two defeats on the trot against Steve, I'll take this one !