Friday 26 February 2016

Veterans Museum, Madison, Wisconsin

As I was attending a conference in Madison these last few days, I was determined to get along to the Vets Museum, knowing this would have some stuff on the famous Iron Brigade which came from this area during the American Civil War - I was not to be disappointed.

Here's the impressive State Capitol Building

and facing it, the building housing the Veterans Museum

No flash photography is allowed so the pictures are a little dim I'm afraid.

Bingo !  As soon as you are through the door - Iron Brigade !

This was a Confederate gun dragged all the way back to Madison

At the start of the war, they wore grey which cost them a few "friendly fire" incidents.

In the display cabinets, some lovely models of civil war boats and monitors

Apart from the Civil War, there were displays covering all other conflicts up to modern times

a model of the famous USS Wisconsin battleship

wonderful vignettes !

Before America entered WWII, Wisconsin pilots crossed the border and joined the Royal Canadian Airforce as volunteers - here's one of their jackets

And a departing shot of their lovely Capitol building

A bit off the beaten track for many of my viewers I would guess, so hope you like these shots of a very nice little museum.