Thursday 7 April 2022

Writtle Independent Gamers : March game - Big Chain of Command

 Its been a long time ! Six months to be exact. What with a prostate operation followed by catching Covid whist recuperating, blogging kind off fell off the map for me.

But lets try again.

Last year a group of us mostly retired gamers decided we could fit in week day games as well as our regular Sunday games at Essex Warriors, so WIG was born and we are now into our eighth month of existence.

The March game was devised by Stefan if I recall correctly and was a multi-player Eastern Front WWII Chain of Command game.

Here are some of the pictures taken on the day

The Germans will attack from the left.

There are several key crossing points that the Soviets are keen to "blow" before German armour can get across

View from the Soviet side.

German infantry deploy and adopt "overwatch", out on their left flank

and artillery is set up, also on the same part of the battlefield

a STuG makes an appearance on the road on the German start line

Soviet artillery has deployed in front of the bridge on the Russian left flank

Soviet infantry enter one of the rustic buildings next to the central bridge

as a truck scuttles across, moving rapidly

followed by a tank which takes aim at the STuG

More Soviet infantry are lining the fences, exchanging fire with German troops in and around two of the cottages

Two more Soviet units contest the area near the right hand bridge

The Germans are trying to get around the church but Soviet infantry in the woods see them and open fire

Now German infantry appear on their extreme right flank, making use of the woods as cover

View from behind the German position at this stage of the battle

A furious firefight has developed out on the Soviet right flank where the Germans are trying to outflank and use their superior numbers

Backed up by the artillery

The truck has arrived at the left hand bridge and sappers emerge and commence laying explosives  

They manage to blow the bridge thus blocking off this end of the battlefield

Leaving an infantry squad over on the other side to swim for safety !

With the Soviet right grimly hanging on, it all came down to the fight in the centre and here the Soviets had a definite advantage. Every German attack was halted in its tracks with large numbers of casualties. The German morale collapsed and a clear victory given to the Soviets, who could blow up the other bridges at their leisure.

We had three players a side, each with a force and their own morale tracker and it all went perfectly well. Big CoC works for us !!!