Friday 30 November 2012

Return to The Sudan.

Having enjoyed a game against The Madhi at Essex Warriors a couple of Sunday's ago, I dug out my own old 15mm collection of Sudan figures (mainly Essex Miniatures).
In a spurt of enthusiasm, these have are now being reinforced by some Peter Pig minis which are now on the production line.
Fuzzy Wuzzies doing what they know best - charging !

Dervish gunners supporting their spearmen.

The safest way for the Anglo-Egyptians to proceed - square.

Dervish cavalry

British lancers face the advancing Dervish cameleers.

Monday 19 November 2012

A Case of 'Gypy Tummy.

Here we see the glorious Egyptian & Sudanese army advancing to capture the Madhist stronghold !
The Madhists are hidden on "blinds"
Quite a few blinds in fact. Tends to make the 'Gypies a bit nervous.
Still, they look fine troops and those guns are rather handsome.
Still, Valentine Baker decided to form square anyway.
Just a few skirmishers to see at the moment.
Oops ! The Egyptian cavalry appear to have found some Fuzzy Wuzzys
Oh Lord ! They're heading this way !
That's enough for the cavalry - they're going home.
Its rather frightened the square too - the Sudanese are running back.
Still the right looks steady enough.
That Fuzzy Wuzzy commander looks too damn smug if you ask me.
Perhaps our British contingent can show them how its done.
Now the Fuzzies have charged our camel train.
This square idea hasn't quite worked out.
Get a shot off at them quick.
Fire at the flank, that should do it.
Let's hope to God they don't get into contact with those nasty spears.
It worked - they've gone.
Right, let's push on.
A relieved British commander plans the next move.
This looks more like it - forwards !
Get the guns up on that hill.
Oh My God ! Look what's down there.
Here they come !
Wait a minute - what's that over there ?
The Egyptians fear the worst - they're off !
Pull those guns down too !
Come back, damn you !
If they're off, so are we.
Try and hold back their cavalry or we are all done for !
Some Egyptians are coming up to help !
Yes, they have swung in on their flank.
Now its their Big Man against ours !
We've done it ! Their cavalry have broken !
But no, their warriors have charged our guns on the right.
And more have arrived in the centre.
Its all too much for the Egyptian/Sudanese Army, a general retreat is ordered.
A great game at Essex Warriors Club at Writtle, put on by Simon Walker (Madhists) and badly handled by me (Turks & Sudanese), bravely supported by Mike FitzSimmons (British).
The rules were an amalgam of Science v Pluck with Sharp Practice cards & blinds added.

Saturday 10 November 2012

Who'd be a Brit ?

Bad times for Romano-Britain.
Well Simon chose the Saxons and we went for the Farm Raid scenario in the Dux Britanniarum rule book.
Saxons on the horizon !
And they are heading for the farm
The British Lord arrives with the first defenders 
To start with, the British had some success against the invaders 
The battle ebbed and flowed
The fighting was hard
And the defenders looked resolute
But the men with the Raven banner just kept coming
But the Fates were against us and our warriors were scattered
And the farm was at their mercy
We lost many good men that day but our Leader was saved ... perhaps we will prevail on another day