Sunday 20 July 2014

CoC in Billericay

Chain of Command Day at the Billericay War Rooms

Richard Clarke (Too Fat Lardies Supremo), Henry Hyde (Editor of Miniature Wargames/Battlegames Magazine), Rafael Fonseca (President of Essex Warriors Club) and my regular gaming buddy, Steve Clarke assembled at the Billericay War Rooms for a master class on Chain of Command by Rich, who kindly brought his 28mm Germans & Russians plus buildings, including his latest masterpiece, a German brewery.

A burning armoured personnel carrier marks the outskirts of town

German patrols are out checking on the advance of the Soviets

All quiet in the main street right now ...

But wait ... Soviet troops are spotted encroaching 

and in Main Street

and in the back gardens

and they've set up a Maxim in a field

Boldly, the Russians advance into town

This is too much ... call up the Panther from down the road

Oh, hell, they've got an Assault Gun heading this way

Some Russians are struck down by MG fire from the brewery

Would you believe it, their SP gun has disabled the Panther's hull mounted MG ... call for the other support in the form of a STuG ...

He trundles recklessly into town

and pays the price !

Speaking of breweries ... here's a good view of Rich's pride and joy ...

and with the roof off the main building, we can spy some of the German defenders

an over view of proceedings

Now back to the plot ... Russians have infiltrated into the ruins

so German troops from the right of town stormed them and ejected them

Ominous rumblings outside town (which at first we thought was just Henry's stomach) turned out to be the first of two T34s

Not to be outdone, the German commander sent on a Puma Armoured Car

And the Panther was ordered to head off to the brewery yard where Russians had penetrated 

and threatened to gain the main entrance

At last the Germans had something to celebrate, the Russian SP gun was hit 

the ruins changed hands again and again but finally the Germans gained the upper hand

and with the ejection of the few remaining Russians from the brewery yard 

These stout hearted Russian commanders were left to reflect on what might have been (not Rich as he was a stand-in German after Rafael left early) !

A truly tense and gripping game which swung back and forth.

Thanks for coming over chaps !