Monday 2 August 2021

Return to Platville Valley

 Steve and I had discussed doing this battle again but in 15mm using Regimental Fire & Fury rules, so without further ado, we booked in a day to do it !

Steve took the Federals, me the Confederates. Forces as the Don Featherstone scenario but we gave two guns to each battery rather than the single gun he mentioned.

Here's the battlefield with both sides initial brigades marching on.

Confederates got the initiative so moved first - heading up the road towards the bridge

But the Union brigade is marching with some alacrity and makes better progress

The rest of the Confederate forces arrive. Cavalry and guns heading for the high ground in the centre, an infantry brigade with guns heading for Platville itself

The Union commander has committed two infantry brigades to take Platville with artillery support 

and a cavalry brigade with horse artillery to support the infantry making for the bridge

Confederate infantry reach the bridge and form into line

as the infantry column approaches Platville church and the guns make for the high ground

Union cavalry and horse guns head for the high ground in the centre of their position

a third Confederate infantry brigade  marches up the road towards the bridge

Union infantry enter the big field dotted with hay stacks

Soon the Union cavalry will have a good view across the battlefield and the guns can unlimber on the heights

The third Confederate brigade marches through the men in line to attack the Union troops facing them across the water

The Union troops open fire to try and break up this attack

Confederate guns have now set up on the high ground with an arc of fire covering the bridge and the enemy troops the other side 

The lead elements over by Platville face each other across open ground

and the rest of the two Union brigades steadily advance to threaten the village  

Combined artillery and infantry fire pushes back the Federal brigade near the bridge

as the lead Confederate brigade charges into contact

Confederate guns have set up on the high ground to the right of Platville

and a regiment has established itself in the church yard on the hill

Union cavalry have dismounted and fire their carbines at the attacking Rebel infantry 

and the two Union horse guns have galloped around to fire on the right side of the Rebel attack

The Confederate general is concerned about the numbers threatening Platville and sends cavalry and guns across to support the men holding the village

The Union infantry shake out into extended line 

as long range shots are exchanged

Over by the bridge, the Rebels now charge the guns and the dismounted cavalry as well as the infantry in the centre

The guns manage to limber up and retreat as the Confederates win all three melees but not enough to break the Union infantry

At Platville, the Union troops charge the village and pour fire onto the Rebels up on church hill

The Rebel cavalry has been pulled back to go around church hill and then threaten the Union right flank

 At the bridge, both sides draw breath after the intense fighting there

The view from the Union lines looking at Platville at this point

The Union cavalry have pulled back from the bridge area

Both sides realign the lines before the fighting resumes out beyond the bridge

One Rebel regiment has had enough and breaks from combat

The Confederates have combined their two batteries on the right of Platville 

The Confederate infantry have been pushed back behind Platville

and are now pursued - the Rebel colonel has been killed in the fighting

The Union attack on church hill has to wait as the Rebel cavalry are spotted out on the flank

Union cavalry have returned to charge the Confederates on the high ground, throwing them back disordered

The Confederates on church hill have been hit repeatedly by enemy fire and fall back to the church for some protection from the enemy cannon fire

The Rebel guns fail to make any impression on the Union infantry which now closes with them

as the Rebel cavalry charge the infantry facing them to try and break up the Union assaults

Out on the flank, the Confederate cavalry has taken a lot of fire and their numbers dwindle

The Union infantry charge the guns !

and true to form, the Rebel gunners fail to hit them hard and now are hit on two sides in a melee - one battery manages to limber up and escape but the other is doomed

The Union troops celebrate on the high ground as Platville falls 

Its now essential the Confederate commander wins the fight on the right by the bridge or all is lost

and just when the need it, a Rebel charge breaks the enemy infantry

and theConfederate cavalry charges across the river, crushing the Union cavalry and then crashing into the Union gunners to destroy that battery

This last ditch effort secures the right wing and secures a draw - the Union hold Platville but the Confederates the key river crossing, so honours even.

This was a tense fight and good fun to get Regimental Fire & Fury off the shelf after so long.