Sunday 25 October 2015

Kunersdorf, Seven Years War Battle at Essex Warriors

Die Kriegskunst fought by the lads at Writtle.

Organised by Rafael, troops from Rafael and Allan's collections (28mm, mainly Front Rank)

This was a practice game as it may, just may, become the demo game to be put on by Essex Warriors at next year's Salute ...

Tons of gabions for the Russians and Austrians to lurk behind ...

with guns entrenched as well

The game began with a bombardment by the Prussian batteries

Here's the Prussian army waiting to come on ...

Austrian troops massed at the back of the battlefield

Cavalry reserve

Russian troops in the big redoubt

Austrians in support

more Austrians !

Prussian gunners in action

The dice indicate how many pre-battle shots each battery will make

Formidable looking defences

Game on ! Troops begin to deploy

Orders are issued ...

the Prussian artillery dislodges some of the gabion defences

Prussian infantry on attack orders

No reaction from the Austrian cavalry reserve

Prussian infantry battalions deployed into line for the assault

and they reach the defences fairly unscathed

Prussian grenadiers to the fore ...

First position carried !

More Prussians clear the obstacles as Russian defenders fall back

The Russian position crumbles

For all their gallantry, the Prussian infantry face having to do it all again against even larger numbers across the valley.

We decided to call it a day at this point as we would have needed many hours more to attempt an assault on the big redoubt - still, a useful go at the rules as several players were new to DKK.

Took nearly as long to pack everything away and load the cars !

Good to be back gaming again after a long enforced absence with too much work taking over my life - must try to strike a better balance in future.