Wednesday 31 July 2013

Chain of Command

Another Too Fat Lardies masterpiece !

Well, after many months of play testing and tweaking, TFL have finally launched this new rule set for WWII skirmish level gaming.

Having taken part in some of this, I can tell you that Rich and Nick have come up with some unique mechanisms for a slick and enjoyable game which is easy to pick up.

And unusually for them, no cards !

Head over to Too Fat Lardies to read more and pre-order without delay !

(I have no commercial connection to TFL and speak only as an enthusiastic wargamer, just for the avoidance of doubt !)

Wars of the Roses

New reinforcements for my armies ...

Last week I picked up a collection being sold by a gamer in Wales.  After a bit of touching up and rebasing, here's some pics of them

The King leading from the front 

Some heavy metal

Plenty of archers

A couple of nice artillery pieces

Wednesday 24 July 2013

Defence of the Ford

A New Dux Britanniarum Campaign starts !

Our previous campaign ended with the Saxons completely destroying the Romano-British forces in Caer Colun.  In this campaign, they have pushed on into Cynwidion, launching a raid into Caer Ira to test the mettle of the forces there.
Step forwards Tribune Clemen, a 33 year old master of arms, known as The Fair. He has been warned of the approach of Lord Aethelhere's warriors intent on attacking one of Caer Ira's churches ...
Marauding Saxons appear
Lead by Aethelhere and his Champion Saeward
Quickly Clemen sends his warriors to block the nearest ford with a shieldwall
Here Clemen instructs his men on the plan of defence
The Levy are dispatched to protect the church with the one unit of Comanipulares
The Saxons spotting this, change course
And decide to confront the Romano warriors guarding the ford
Whilst some double back to cross the other ford downstream
Clemen swiftly recalls his Elite troops to attack the Saxons crossing the main ford as the Milites watch from behind their shieldwall.
The Saxons recoil
So the Comanipulares are ordered forwards again this time supported by their shieldwall troops

The Saxons are rocked back again
Aethelhere hopes his flanking warriors can catch the Romano shieldwall from behind
To relieve the pressure on his Hearthguard

But it is too late
Clemens Elite troops have destroyed a Saxon unit in one go and killed a Saxon noble in one fell swoop
The Saxon morale plummets and their remnants flee, leaving the newly proclaimed Clemen the Bold master of the field.
Such a blow means the Saxons will have to lick their wounds for three months whereas Clemens not only quickly replaced his few losses but also gained a unit of shock cavalry to his banner.
Cynwidion can breath a sigh of relief for a while and hail their new hero.

Saturday 20 July 2013

Action at Twin Farms

Chain of Command & Battle.

Like one or two other bloggers, I have also been enthused to get out my old  1972 copy of  Battle! By Charles Grant to reenact the scenario "Action at Twin Farms" which is ideally suited to the  forthcoming Too Fat Lardies "Chain of Command" WWII skirmish rules.

Grant's OOB for the small sections and fire teams needs a little tweaking to make their make up more realistic

And I'd rather have my Germans in their own half tracks rather than Russians riding around in them 

Nevertheless, the scenario is still full of excitement and I have British troops waiting in ambush with AT rifle
 And infantry supported by MGs hiding amongst the farm buildings and walls