Tuesday 27 October 2020

The Battle of Kolzen

 Its quite incredible that such a large battle was never recorded by the Napoleonic era historians but thank goodness that Steve C has re-enacted this in his War Room over the last few days.

The French are on the defensive as an aggressive Prussian force under Blucher attempts to break the Emperor's field army, in the full knowledge that a strong Austrian army was also rapidly advancing.

A large Polish brigade can be seen here in the foreground. A French infantry brigade has deployed in line further forward on the right

The Poles are fearsome fighters for the French cause

French light battalions are deployed in skirmish order and in the woods

French light cavalry dash forward on the left wing

The Poles have also deployed light troops ahead of the attack columns

In reserve, on the French right flank, a heavy cavalry brigade of Cuirassiers

Blucher arrives on the field and issues orders to his brigades

They have to deal with these French lines in and around the enclosed fields

Lancers are amongst the light cavalry brigade

The French light cavalry await the Prussian attacks

The cavalry raise a cheer from the French infantry as they pass

All quiet before the storm !

Aha ! Prussian Uhlans appear opposite the French cavalry

And an infantry brigade marches onto the field

French light infantry look quite isolated in a small wood ahead of the main line

The Prussian infantry advance steadily

The Prussians head for the French centre

Charge ! The Prussian cavalry charge into action against the French cavalry

Half of the French light cavalry have stayed back as a reserve

The Prussian infantry fan out to face both the left and centre

A clash of colours - infantry battle it out

The Poles are ordered forwards

The French light infantry in the woods are now in danger

They are surrounded on three sides now

Swiss infantry are urged to do their best

The cavalry fight continues

Come on ! Lets break the French before us

Another Prussian cavalry brigade arrives, including Heavies

The lines are extended

No signs of a breakthrough yet

The Chasseurs have a hard time of it with the Uhlans

French gun fire has been effective as evidenced by the disorder markers on the Prussian cavalry

 The French light infantry abandon the woods in disorder

The French cavalry commander tries to hold this left flank

Prussian Jagers now take the woods

A French general screams at his men to hold

The Prussian pressure is immense

and the cavalry are outnumbering the French now

They have outflanked the retreating French light infantry

More Jagers lead the advance

The Prussian cavalry have now hit the French light cavalry reserve

and the infantry are now lead by the Prussian Guard Grenadiers

The line must hold !

Don't let them break through !

Prussian generals confer

The Cuirassiers await their orders still

Casualties are mounting on the French lines

Ready the Cuirassiers !

The Prussian Guard Grenadiers have changed into line

Prussian heavy cavalry engage the French lancers

Prussian infantry continue to engage the French behind the stone walls 

One column has caught a French gun limbered and unable to fire

Nowhere is safe !

Prussian infantry outflank the French held fields

The Prussian heavy cavalry has seen off the enemy lancers

Prussian Landwehr face the French guns

as desperate French chasseurs still try to hold off the enemy cavalry

The Prussians are relentless

The Cuirassiers are unleashed !

The Prussians are over into the fields

the whole line has pulled back

French gunners keep up their hammering of the Prussians in front of them

Hold on, my brave fellows !

But look ... the Austrians have arrived !
Fear not ! We can beat them too

The Prussian Guard has charged the enemy on their right flank

Here come the Austrian columns

This is too much !

Can the Cuirassiers stem the tide ?

Marsch !

They shall not pass !

The Prussian Guard wheel again into line

No more retreating !

Will the French left hold out ?

French horse artillery keep on firing

These Prussian Guards are unstoppable

They don't want the Austrians sharing the glory !

French infantry officers implore their men to stand

French casualties are so high that a brigade has broken !

At the time the Austrian forces come into view

Austrian commanders confer

Push on and destroy the enemy !

I'm sure we have them Sire !

The Austrians hit the Polish brigade

Sheer weight of numbers means the French have to break off and retrieve as many of their units as possible. The Allies have won ! 

Black Powder solo by Steve spread out over six days. Quite a feat !