Wednesday 26 June 2019

Black Powder : French v Russians

Mike invited us over to his war-games shed today for another BP fix using his French and Russian forces. Steve C takes the role of his favourites, the French, I had the Russians, whilst Mike adjudicated and provided refreshments !

The table is laid - French on the left, Russians the right of this picture.

The French carabiniers on the right flank 

French infantry and guns march onto the battlefield

They have Imperial Guard troops present as the Emperor is here

A line infantry brigade of three battalions and two guns.

A two battalion Russian infantry battalion and one gun are set up on the Russian left flank

Russian infantry in column with the task of taking the farm - part of a three battalion brigade

A Russian brigade of three regiments supported by two guns holds the centre of the line

The Russian hussars, flanked by cuirassiers and dragoons out on the right flank

These are the dragoons and cuirassiers

This farm is a key stronghold dominating left of centre from the Russian position

Alina Murriov has a quiet inn in the village near the farm

The Russian commander needs to be at the top of his game as he is up against Napoleon today

The French moved first and the Young Guard infantry of three battalions advances on the farm just as the Russian column rounds the corner and heads for the farm gateway - the French loose off a volley but the Russians suffer minimal casualties

The Russian general gets two guns set up and firing at the front of the cornfield as two infantry battalions move up ready to support their men who have dashed for the farm.

Meantime, the Russian infantry on the left of the farm charge the Young Guard infantry in the flank

Amazingly, the French win the first combat and despite being hit in the flank - the fight must continue. But the Russians have managed to occupy the farm.

We have moved the large tree to give a better view of the Russian attack !

Right at the outset, the French carabiniers had tried to charge the left hand Russian gun. They succeed on their second attempt but the Russian fire is so devastating they are blown away ! 

More Russian infantry charge into the infantry melee in front of the farm

The lead Young Guard unit now fighting on two sides crumples and flees the battlefield. Their supporting battalions retreat to reform.

The Russian guns in the centre have been pounding the French infantry which have appeared through the trees to their front

Two batteries at medium range hurts - the front French battalion goes and the one behind is nearly at its stamina limit

Time for the Imperial Guard cavalry to put in an appearance but before they can charge

rumbling tummies and dry throats led us to the Horse & Groom for a delicious lunch !

The bugles call and

The Imperial Guard cavalry advances towards the Russian horse

The Russian cuirassiers and dragoons counter charge

The Russian dragoons go and the cuirassiers fall back damaged - however, the Red Lancers have retreated with casualties 

The Horse Grenadiers supported by the Empress Dragoons charge again and this time the enemy cuirassiers are broken - the Russian hussars will have to withdraw as the brigade has broken

On the left,  Russian column advances on the Young Guard again

with their right flank now exposed and French cavalry roaming unimpeded, the furthermost Russian battalion forms square

the Red Lancers prepare to charge the Russian infantry

but before they can, the Russian attack on the left against the Young Guard succeeds and the Young Guard brigade breaks. This means that all the French infantry has gone, representing two thirds of the French army so the Russians have defeated them, the Imperial Guard cavalry will have to withdraw. 

The Russian general enjoys a celebratory drink courtesy of Alina Murriov, the local innkeeper

The glory today goes to the Russian artillery - destroying a French infantry brigade before it could get into action and also killing the French Carabiniers. They even stayed to fight when the enemy got within 12" unlike at Brienne !

Thanks Mike for a great day.

Dark Ages Raid : Dux Britanniarum

Allan and I were keen to have another game of Dux Britanniarum especially as Allan has painted up his ancient Celtic village !

He brought along his Scotti raiders army and I had the Romano-British as usual. Mike joined in on my side, Ian B on Allan's.

Here's the terrain

and the village where the Scotti hope to find plunder 

and why not, its a fine looking village after all !

We diced to see how many moves the Scotti got before the British forces react - three, the maximum, which enabled them to get to the village in no time

Belatedly, the British Lord arrives with three units, comprising warriors and his elite company

Scotti cavalry and skirmishers have been sent to hold them up

but the British no that there is no time to spare

as the enemy are already tearing the buildings apart looking for treasure

The British Lord and his Champion hurl insults at the enemy as they advance  

Scotti cavalry try to get a flank march on the forward unit of British

as the British levy troops are attacked by Scotti warriors and sent reeling with plenty of shock

the British Lord needs to get his better quality troops into the fighting

as the levy have scant chance against the superior Scotti warriors

The British manage to establish a more solid line and the Lord has got his Elites and warriors into a shield wall

The Scotti cavalry have now moved around to the other flank to see if they can exploit a break through

The British have managed to chase off the Scotti skirmishers and advance on the enemy warriors

a jubilant cry has gone up from the village - they must have found loot, so its time to withdraw

The British charge but the Scotti now evade as they have what they want

They are certainly "fleet of foot"

Scant consolation but the British do manage to kill the Scotti cavalry

It was only after the game was over, we discovered that the Scotti needed to have got loot from at least two buildings, not just the one - guess they will have to come back !!!