Friday 28 September 2012

Battle of Britain Memorial Flight.

RAF Coningsby, Lincolnshire.
On the way back from visiting my Uncle Frank in Lincolnshire, I took time to visit this RAF base to see the famous Spitfires, Hurricanes & Lancaster the RAF still keep in flying condition and which make appearances at various flying shows during the Summer, weather permitting.

C-47 Dakota ZA947 still used to drop Paras over Arnhem and other special commemoration events.

Spitfire Mk IIa P7350

Spitfire Mk LFIXe MK356

Lancaster PA474

Having her windows cleaned !
Spitfire Mk Vb No. 133 (Eagle Squadron)
as used by American volunteers before the USA entered the war.
An amazing experience if you ever get the chance to go there - highly recommended.

Napoleonic Wargaming

Dutch Nassau Regiments.
I've always liked their uniforms and bought and painted the Front Rank figures some years ago.  These fought in Napoleon's armies early in the Wars and then were in Wellington's Allied Army in the 100 Days Campaign, so quite versatile. Anyway, recently during their Summer Sale, I bought a second hand unit from Ian Hinds. Old figures that had seen better days and didn't cost me much.
I've enjoyed rebasing them for In The Grand Manner, correcting their company "pompoms", adding pins for lost bayonets and adding a home-made Colour.
These are now good enough to be brigaded with their Front Rank brothers and used in any future battles.  A pleasing little project.

Saturday 22 September 2012


Outskirts of Vyazma.

The Germans have pushed the Soviets back and this could be the final battle in this campaign.

 German "blinds" appear.

German Mountain troops clash with Soviet troops.

Here is an armoured train the Germans knew nothing about !

A mad dash across country uncloaks German trucks & infantry.

Meanwhile, German armour thrusts it way towards the railyards.

A nasty shock awaits the Germans: artillery & MGs on the hill overlooking their assault.

And more Soviets coming from the East.

A German tank pays the ultimate price.

Meanwhile, the Soviet guns wreak havoc amongst the massed Germans below.

The only two tanks the Russians possess are taken out by German armour.

German mortars & MGs are decimated in their exposed positions.

The German Mountaineers mass for an attack.

An ill-conceived attack by Soviet infantry leaves few survivors.

The train tried to leave the railyards but loses the lead truck.

Russian troops de-train and make for the warehouses.

Just as another truck explodes.

German & Soviet infantry slug it out.

A Soviet "human wave" fails to make contact - and they have no ammo either !

Tanks & Assault Engineers make short work of them.

German horse-drawn artillery deployed beside the railway line.

Here the Germans have taken one of the buildings.

The Germans close in.

This is why the Russian tanks did not survive !

Russian troops head for the woods after losing a melee.

But some have the courage to attack tanks.

The Engineers are in the half-tracks whereas No.1 Platoon is on foot with the HQ men.

It was all too much for the Soviet forces in the end.

Deadman's Gulch

Its good to see the town is still growing despite rumours of some "nasties"heading this way.

Some folks are busy cosntructing opposite the Livery Stables
Not sure what this is going to be yet.
And up the other end of town a new Foundry has recently opened.
The good people of Deadman's Gulch obviously have confidence in the Sheriff keeping law and order then - just hope their faith is not misguided !

Friday 21 September 2012


The King's Headquarters.

Oxford 1642.

Your Majesty, the army is ready... but we cannot march.
What do you mean we cannot march ?  Get on with it !  We have a war to win, don't you know ?
But Majesty, we do not know how to do it - we have not received the necessary information from Sir Richard Clarke - movement, firing, melee, morale ... it all still remains a mystery.
Dammit man, can't you just use the old Dux Britanniarum regulations ?
No Sire, things have moved on so much since then, we need the up to the minute ones Sir Richard has been penning under the code name "In The Buff".
"In The Buff" ?  What kind of regulations are these ?  If Queen Henrietta hears about this, she'll be sure to cut off my Crown Jewels !
Well hurry him up before those damned Traitors in the pay of Parliament come any nearer - that's my Royal Command.
A courier was dispatched to St.Albans post haste with these orders.
Surely even Sir Richard cannot tarry any longer in the face of such a command ?

Thursday 20 September 2012


New Stuff for Dux Britanniarum

Here's my attempt at a Saxon watchtower
And these are the latest Lords to join the fray

New from Gripping Beast, lovely casts which my lack of painting skills fail to do justice to.  Still, they'll do from a distance and through my blurry glasses !

Wednesday 19 September 2012


The Devil's Wind

An Indian Mutiny Sharp Practice Game.

Since Sharp Practice came out, we have had great fun with Indian Mutiny versions of the rules and Too Fat Lardies are quite far advanced with a special supplement to the rules which we have play tested.
The British have to identify and unmask any Rebels and either get them back under control or disperse them.  Often, there are British civilians that need to be rescued into the bargain. 

Here an unlucky band of rebels have been caught red handed by a much larger contingent of British.

But other bands appear.

Some are small in number and not a big threat.

Others are inspired by rebel leaders into action.

This group has been charged by the British before they can cause trouble.

So far, so good.

A larger force make for the buildings.

These look like trouble too.

This band are massing too close to the civilians !

Lady Sale organises them to resist.

And they safely return to the British lines.

A good solid firing line should do the trick.

A British officer reorganises his men.

But no !  Two British women are in danger.

The Sailors and
Gurkhas are dispatched to deal with this latest menace.

Whilst the troops on the left hold the line.

The British officer tries to retrieve the Sepoys.

But in the end they have to be chased off.

The isolated officer is now threatened by a new group of Sepoys.

A lethal volley from the left gives them something to think about. 

The saailors and gurkhas close in.

A final attempt by mutineer leaders to rally their men.

The British troops in front of the armoury gates fire again.

The last of the Pandies are seen off by the redcoats.