Tuesday 9 April 2013

The Bridge Must Be Held !

These were the orders from High Command

when it was discovered that a large Redland force was heading up the road towards Ifferbrucke with only a small Bluvian blocking force present at the river bridge
It comprised 2 regiments of Grenzers supported by 2 batteries of light artillery, all dug in behind barricades and earthworks plus a regiment of lancers in reserve
And General Hans Orff had promised to arrive as soon as possible with his heavy mortars by river
The first of the Redland regiments march down the road towards the bridge
The poor innkeeper had only recently moved here to get away from wars and now here was another one on his doorstep !
The first casualties fall by the wayside as Bluvia'a guns open up.
The first regiment storms the bridge under fire
Thus began a tussle with the white coated Grenzers that lasted for much of the day
More Redland troops and guns fan out for the attack
A battery of Redland artillery is deployed ready to return fire
With cavalry support behind
The clash on the bridge hangs in the balance
But eventually this first attack is beaten off
But just as the cheers resound on the bridge, Redland troops discover a ford further upstream and regiments march across in attack columns
Bluvia's right flank is now seriously compromised
The lancers had decided it was time to go and the nearest battery follows them up the road
Together with the remaining gun from Battery No.2
The white coated Grenzers now possess a useless and dangerous position
Their sister regiment is effectively trapped
And to add insult to injury, General Hans Orff and his mortars are dispatched by the Redland artillery before they can withdraw
Which had unlimbered and fired right on the river bank, where the mortars could not touch them
Here is the end of the game with the white coats just about making their escape.
We used Black Powder rules.  The Bluvian defenders did manage to see off 5 enemy regiments and a battery of artillery due to casualties inflicted by artillery and mortars in the main, Bluvia lost one regiment of Grenzers, one artillery piece plus General Hans Orff and his mortar boat but the Redland troops captured their objective, the bridge and roadway to Ifferbrucke.
This was the first real clash in our campaign in Martinstadt - what will follow now?!!
Map moves continue and further conflict is expected.