Tuesday 29 March 2016

The Rescue of Lady Elfinpound

With only days to go to the release of Sharp Practice 2, we thought we would have a farewell game of Sharp Practice 1 and what better than a return to India and the days of the Raj.

Wes, Graham, Steve Clarke and I set to.

Here's the fortress town of Norsipuur with a battered copy of Sharp Practice on the table

Lady Elfinpound is captive in the palace building in the centre

The first of the action - British lancers surprise native cavalry escorting a huge gun being delivered to Sultan Sagaloo in Norsipuur as British infantry come off blinds to join in the attack

The gun is captured and the native cavalry driven off with casualties

as the Indian gunners and handlers are speared too !

Meanwhile, on the other side of the town, three big explosions announce the main fort door being demolished by a British elephant battery

They made light work of their task

and no sooner had the dust settled than the Scots charged the broken gates

and into the palace courtyard

not to be outdone, the Naval Brigade charged another gatehouse and broke the door down

as the Lancers continued their pursuit of the native cavalry

Now the Blue Caps joined inane let off a volley

inside the town, the Naval Brigade charge down an alley after retreating mutineer sepoys

The Scots have been beaten back to the gates by Badmashes

so good timing for other British units to arrive lead by Captain Flashman, no less !

The Elephant Battery rest idle now they have done their job - but there is also an idle infantry unit there too !  (Their card never seems to come up).

The Indians on the battlements watch anxiously as they seek targets for their mortars

The Badmashes charge the Scots again, watched by Sultan Sagaloos' Palace Guards

The Scots have had enough and leg it through the doorway

In the native quarter, the Naval Brigade root out all opposition

as more British infantry charge through the gatehouse doorway

Encouraged by Captain MacAloon on horseback.

Now Flashmans' men charge through the gates and take on the Badmashes

They are beaten back in disarray despite Sagaloo shouting orders to finish the Feringhee dogs.

The way to the Palace and Lady Elfinpound seems clear for a moment

British troops pour into the courtyard but now the Palace Guard react

and native musket men on the walls pick off some of the British below

Its all in the balance at this point as more shooters fire at the Naval brigade too

Street fighting continues

The Palace Guards engage Flashmans' men

and quite out of character, Flashie is in the thick of it !

The Guards are pushed back, Flashie fights the Guard Commander in the fountain

... and he loses, badly wounded he is down and out

Gradually, the Naval Brigade clear the streets

supported by Redcoats, they clear the native quarter

In a desperate attempt, the defenders loose off a small cannon in the courtyard but with little effect

As British troops emerge from the native quarter

Sagaloo Sultan rushes up the palace stairs to threaten Lady Elfinstone but Lt. Hugh Jarce is after him - a duel ensues

and true to form ... Jarce gets killed, not the baddie !

But whilst this is going on, Lady Elfinstone and her escorts escape down the stairs and into the arms of the British troops below.

Huzzah !  She is saved - but at what a cost.

This was Wes and Graham's first game of Sharp Practice and we think they are hooked. Just wait until they see the new version being launched soon !