Sunday 6 March 2016

A right Scottish punch up !

ECW action way up north ...

Allan and Mike brought their figures and I brought my Scots for Ian and I to play with.

Mike has a mass of cavalry on his left

Allan has Scots infantry on their right behind the village pub

Ian has Scots clansmen on our right

We have Lancers & Gallopers in reserve

and pike & musket units in the centre

with more Scots musketeers out on the left

who dash forward to the high ground

We have two light frame guns and a medium piece which quickly get into the walled enclosure 

 Mike's cavalry surge forward and capture the high ground between them and the clansmen

and redcoats hurry to catch them up.

Allan's calm looking Commander leads an advance on their right

Our troops in the centre are slow to get going

The enemy cavalry are recklessly attacked by the clansmen

and initially get the better of the horsemen

but there are so many of them !

Allan's troops move forward and are first to get to the pub !

At last our centre brigade advance but take fire from the enemy artillery

A furious melee between the cavalrymen and the clansmen

Forgot to mention - we are using Pike and Shotte rules.

As the clansmen lose ground (and numbers) we have to commit the Lancers to try and stem the tide by threatening the flank of the enemy cavalry.

The Clansmen continue to be pushed back despite their bravery

The redcoats are heartened by this sight and continue their advance

Can our Scots regiments hold firm in the centre ? 

Allan's troops firm their grip on the pub and surrounding ground

Looks like they are all taking a breather over on our right !

The enemy cavalry "gather their loins" ready for another attack.

Our gallopers are given the order to move

and my troops on our left decide to charge the Scots opposing them besides the pub

We now have a close run fight for many rounds with neither side willing to give ground

Our units in the middle have advanced to keep abreast of the attack on the left but this does lead them into the fire of enemy infantry as well as the guns.

And then they charge home against the enemy left of the pub - hope the beer is worth it !

But the pikemen are destroyed and musketeers pushed back on the left

and the weight of numbers begins to tell in the tussle left of the pub

All in all, our army is buckling

With the collapse of the cavalry and our left wing disintegrating, victory was declared by Allan and Mike.

At least no good whisky was spilt in the making of this game.

And Pike and Shotte ?  Yes, easy to play, ideal for a club game and for those of us that know Black Powder, many familiar traits - Ian is not convinced however so next time we might try another set of rules for comparison - but thats for another day.

What else was going on at the club ?

A big Napoleonic scrap in 15mm using Volley & Bayonet rules

DBA competition games

A hall full of people busy gaming

But don't ask me who won these - too busy fighting ECW to know !


  1. Love the ECW game! And the others look pretty cool too!!

  2. Impressive and beautiful looking games!

  3. Good to see the ECW troops back in action again. We can have a chat about what you thought about Pike and Shot Rules. Are they the "Holy Grail" we have searched for?


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