Monday 24 March 2014

The Russians Are Coming !


No, nothing to do with the Crimea  ...

this was an Essex Warriors Club game :- Seven Years War action using Black Powder rules.

Rafael Fonseca was keen to use his new Prussian infantry and Allan Gaines happily provided the Russian opposition together with other units to make up the numbers

The Prussian left wing commander watches the infantry advance

 Flanked by two columns of Hussars
To the left of the Russian positions, a deserted village
Over on the right, Cossack Irregulars

Beside, more impressive Horse Grenadiers
The Russian centre & right move forwards

But the village remains unoccupied as the Russian general fails to get his  troops to move
The Cossacks reach the woods

The Horse Grenadiers, supported by Dragoons dominate the right of centre of the Russian position
The Prussians roll forwards

As cavalry clash in front of them

Over on the Prussian right, their infantry reach the outskirts of the village
The cavalry melee in full swing

The Russians are well supported

Casualties mount
the Prussians break and fall back behind their infantry
The Russian infantry stand solidly in the centre

with their guns besides them
View from behind the Russian right

The Prussian infantry press on

and take the high ground
in the centre

Their guns are ordered up to the front

as Grenadiers take the village on the right
Prussian Hussars face off the Cossack threat on the left

The Russian cavalry seem lost in a sea of Prussian infantry
Prussian infantry attacks are launched against the Russian centre

and right of centre
Braving those sharp bayonets, the Russian commander arranges the foes
The Prussian attack falters

Casualties mount and units disintegrate
Prussian Hussars charge the Russian horse again

and even the infantry move up to join in
Amazingly, the Russian cavalry acquit themselves well again despite being attacked from two points

The Prussian infantry in the centre and right crumble

and the stubborn Russians are declared the victors
an enjoyable game but no doubt Rafael will want to see a better performance from the Prussians next time !