Wednesday 27 January 2021

No Planning Permission ?

"Centurion !  Get in here now !" 

 "When is the General going to give me a break ?" thinks the exhausted battle commander.

"Yes Sir !" 

 "We have another problem with those Germanic tribesmen. They object to our tower thats been erected in their territory. So head off there now and make sure they don't cause any trouble. The engineers are arriving soon to construct further defences so make sure its safe "

"Going now, Sir - Optio to my office !"

The Romans will enter from the wooded area in the south and the new Limes Tower is in the north east of the table.

This is the new Roman tower which has caused the upset in Germania - a garrison has already been put in there.

so, to the day in question, Barbarian slingers appear between the marshes

The Centurion has wasted no time and brings on four groups of Auxiliaries in a line formation

They are immediately opposed by a group of enemy levy

They pause to build up fervour

but before they can, Roman archers appear in the woods and shoot at them

next on, Roman Allied cavalry get in front of the auxiliaries

they see that the archers have done their job and changed fervour to shock and got a kill

so they decide to charge them

the levy are thrown back in confusion with more casualties and shock

they make for the hills to lick their wounds

Now the Barbarian War Lord brings on his main force - a large war band of three groups whilst a fourth accompanies the wagon that is going to be used to set fire to the hated Roman tower

From this war band leaps a group of fanatical warriors intent on destroying the cavalry

Which they do but lose half of their number in the process

Barbarian cavalry now appear beyond the Roman left flank where the marshes lie

They are spotted and a Roman scorpion is revealed in the woods which hits the enemy cavalry in the flank

The Centurion decides to carry on advancing, heading for the remaining fanatics 

Meantime, the wagon moves on with its group of warriors in attendance

They approach the tower from where pila are thrown to try and put them off

The fanatics are eliminated and now the Centurion heads for the main enemy war band

The Germanic cavalry have been hit by both the Roman archers and the scorpion so badly that their shock is now twice the number of remaining men- so they are broken and out of the game

The Centurion and his formation of auxiliaries charge into the enemy

It is a fierce contest with everything thrown in !

One side of the Roman line has suffered badly but the side lead by the Centurion does much better

So two groups of Romans are pushed back with casualties but on the other side, the War Lord has been wounded and his lead group battered

They too are pushed back but before anyone can draw breath, the Centurion charges again

And wounded already, the War Lord receives another injury which proves fatal !

The Germanic war bands all recoil as their morale hits the floor

An emphatic victory for the Roman centurion - he has killed his enemy and thus won the campaign.

The Germanic war lord has ascended to Valhalla surrounded by his adoring warriors (well, at least the dead ones !)

A thrilling Infamy, Infamy! campaign comes to an end - but it wont be the last one, we promise you.


Saturday 23 January 2021

Dying For A Drink

 Peninsula Sharp Practice action this time - a French attack on the British HQ across the river - which just happens to be El Murrio's taverna.

A French formation appears on the road leading to El Murrio's Bridge

and they are quickly joined by two groups of Voltigeurs at the river bank

No sign of any British troops so far

The Voltigeur officer decides to try a "Coup de Main" assault and rush the bridge

This does elicit a response - musket fire from the church tower drops the leading men

This fire was very effective 

Hearing the gun fire, the British CO urges his men out of the tavern and into a firing line at the bridge

They crash out a volley against those Voltigeurs too

This is enough to destroy both groups of Voltigeurs - just the officer escapes

"Whats all this noise outside my lovely tavern ?"

Next a strong French line arrives and lets loose a volley at the deployed British line

More British troops pile out of the taverna to join the fire fight

French troops now turn away from the bridge being contested to head for the bridge further down stream

The British troops to the right of the tavern are getting the full force of the French volley fire opposite

The British in the church tower keep up their fire against the column heading away from them

This time a Crashing Volley from the French - this causes double the usual amount of shock

These losses are unsustainable !

Even as the French column marches off, they are picked off by the British light infantry in the church tower

The British Sergeant has moved his men out of the killing zone into the protection of the walled orchard

but the main British force stands its ground holding the bridge

but the French get yet another Crashing Volley off

and worse still, the British CO is hit, he's injured but still alive !

Finally, a group of Rifles arrive to help the cause. They are pointed towards the other bridge which is now under threat

The French column is getting ever closer to it

and now they are on the approach road

The men from the church tower join the Rifles and head for the other bridge

But too late ! The French are getting across !

Meantime, the French CO and his men continue to trade shots across the river

They are getting the better of the fire fight - British bodies litter the river bank

One group has been pushed back because of its casualties and shock

Up stream, the French are across and passing the goat field

The Rifles and light troops open fire on them and get a couple of hits

and a good deal of shock after a round of Sharp Practice

This is the moment that the French CO decides to charge his men over the tavern bridge

They smash into the British line

and their attack is devastating

and the already wounded British commander is slain ! Morale crashes too.

British ranks are broken and thrown back

The French charge again and this is enough to finish off the British defenders

The British are broken and their remnants flee the field

The British HQ is empty

"Let's take it men !"

A last hurrah for the British Rifles and Light infantry before they retire - an effective volley has wiped out the enemy lead group but is of no consolation really 

The men in the orchard also fire one last shot before escaping

"Right men, who's dying for a drink ?"

The British HQ has fallen.