Saturday 1 August 2020

Battle of Camden

Mike and I finally got around to an AWI game using Black Powder rules.  Its over a year since we last fought one - indeed, the last was the final game at my old house before we moved !

Mike won the toss and chose the British under Cornwallis. Three brigades of good troops with very good leaders.  I had the Americans under an over confident Gates with two good Continental brigades but three of suspect militia.

In the actual battle the British overcame the weak American left flank and then soundly beat them.

I decided to put Continentals on that flank and keep most of the Militia behind the ridge over on the American right.

Mike deployed as the actual battle with Lord Rawden on the left, Tarleton in the centre and Webster on the right.

Here's the American starting position

Already, the militia on the right have failed to move but the centre does deploy beside the ridge

The delay means the American guns are not getting into firing positions

Now, the American militia cavalry has gone reckless and galloped across the hill towards the waiting British muskets ! They are pulled back, hurt, as soon as possible.

The British have come on swiftly against the American left

The American militia has now gained the ridge and the guns set up as the British advance, they fire at  disordered American cavalry but miss them all.

The British fire and charge against our left

The Americans have managed to land some blows with musket closing fire but lose the melees.

The British are relentless and the Americans break

An American brigade gone from the fight but two Continental battalions are still intact out on the far left and they now march towards the British flank

In the centre, despite being pummelled by the British guns, the American centre brigade is making a fight of it. Their flanking fire has caused Webster's brigade some problems. That added to their melee casualties sees this brigade break. 2-1 at this stage.

The British have charged the ridge on the American right but they stand firm and once the American guns flay the British opposite, we see the British casualties mount and that brigade breaks too. 2-2.

But two out of three British brigades breaking means the army has gone. The remaining British brigade in the centre and the artillery will have to retire defeated.

So, maybe if Gates had set his troops up differently ... we will never know.

This game was over by lunch time, so we retired to the Rose & Crown for a well earned pie and a pint.