Sunday 30 April 2017

Sharp Practice in India

Amidst this peaceful village hides one of the ring leader of the revolt against British rule.

Captain Harry Cost has been charged with capturing or killing him.

A mixed force of Company men, loyal Indian Sepoys, cavalry & civilian volunteers has been scrapped together for this purpose.

And the Loyal Indians are the first to move against the village

 An immediate reaction - enemies appear and fire.

And worryingly, in the undergrowth flanking the Sepoys, another enemy force gives fire.

Which causes quite a lot of shock. The East India Company men move forwards on the flank of the Loyal Sepoys.

And the civilian volunteers too charge forwards.

Lets get to grips with them !

Cost's men fire before engaging in melee. 

They blow away the first enemy force, killing their leader.

The British cavalry having moved on the left flank, are engaged by more musketeers hidden amongst some crops.

Still plenty of bad Sepoys in this village, it is clear !

And even more appear left of the village. 

Badmashes are now seen on the roof of another building

The cavalry are forced back with casualties.

And the Loyal Sepoys are threatened by advancing enemy on their right flank.

The Volunteers have gained the roof of the left hand building as Cost's men get into the village.

Despite getting as far as the market place in the centre of the village, the rebel leader has moved himself away from danger, leaving his men to stop the British.

Despite utmost bravery, Cost and his men are overwhelmed by weight of numbers and the constant musket fire from all directions causes their force morale to drop - mission failed !

We have not played Sharp Practice for a while but it lived up to its usual excitement and unpredictability - great fun !