Wednesday 3 December 2014

Fondler's Honour

Well, we have finally got around to the next chapter in The Compleat Fondler, chapter 12 where Richard Fondler and his British troops are trying to stop a French force from capturing Major O'Stereotype whilst he is spying on the French army in the valley below.

Here's the Major looking down from a tower in the hill top village

A bird's eye view of the terrain the French have to climb

The four British characters or "Big Men"

and here are the French Big Men, lead by Major De La Merde

The head of the French column enters  

A group of Rifles watch their Chosen Man take a pot shot at a French officer

Missed ! but not by much.

As the column proceeds, a group is detached to head across the fields

French troops exchange fire with the Rifles at long range

Second time lucky for the marksman, he's hit the French officer but its only a light wound

British on the hill side reveal themselves by opening fire

Two groups of Rifles open fire on the French column

 as one group of French making a dash ahead

The French pressure increases as they drive the Rifles back from the walls at the base of the hill

The French start to advance up the hill

As the Rifles retreat section by section

Fire and retreat is the watchword

The French are led up the hill road

with troops firing from below to try and keep the Rifles heads down

Smoke obscures the road for three bounds

as the Rifles get to the final bend in the road

O'Stereotype rings the bell to announce he is ready for the full retreat 

but Fondler decides to lead his men in an heroic charge to stem the French advance

and true to form the only casualty on the British side is Fondler himself - stone dead !

following O'Stereotype's signal, the Rifles effect their escape up the hill side

leaving the French cast adrift further down the hill

A victory of sorts for the British ... but the main character of the series has been chopped - a bit like Game of Thrones then !

Guess another heroic leader will have to emerge for the next episode ...