Thursday 28 May 2020

I Aint Been Shot Mum - Eastern Front

Its been a while, so high time for a game of IABSM.

Michelle chose the Soviets so I had the Germans.

They Germans are on the attack and need to get through the village occupied and defended by the Soviets.

We started on "blinds" which need to be spotted to discover what enemy forces are present.

The German commander recklessly sends his best unit forward - two Panthers

which are ambushed by two T-34s hidden in a small woods

they are both hit in the flank and badly damaged

undeterred, another unit is pushed forwards - many Pz.IVs

they probably saw one of their colleagues blow up over on their right when the T-34s had another go at them

Two more Pz.IVs join the attack

in a final exchange of fire, the lead Panther manages to knock out a T-34 as it in turn is destroyed

Flushed with success, a T-34 emerges from the woods and hits another German tank with flank fire

It is destroyed 

A reminder of the rule book - had to blow the dust off !

Foolishly, Soviet infantry emerged from the barn and got machine gunned by the massed German tanks

Hopefully, that building is now cleared

The tank shells coming from the right become more of a worry

Fortunately, an anti-tank gun has been set up in the ruins near the German start position and this opens up on the T-34 out in the open

It pays the price of showing its flank to the gunners

This Pz.IV was ready to join in if the T-34 survived

But now three more T-34s emerge from behind the wood, sending a German recce unit looking for cover

The Panzers have advanced beyond the pond but now are in trouble from these T-34s on their flank

The Soviets are the first to shoot - and miss

The Germans don't - two T-34s are brewed up

but now a nasty surprise for the Germans - a Soviet heavy tank crashes out of the barn

and gets on the back of a Pz.IV

with predictable outcome !

and another three T-34s dash into action just as the Panzers have turned to face the Soviet heavy tank behind them

The Germans have hurt the enemy big tank but it is still in action

but the T-34s are picking off the Panzers and then turn on the smaller recce vehicles

they make short work of them, leaving the German commander with just two tanks left plus the infantry amongst the ruins supported by the anti-tank gun. This is just not enough so the remaining tanks are told to retreat

These chaps are not going to hang around either - lets get out of here !

Disaster for the German commander !!!

It was good to play IABSM again and another game is called for.

Michelle definitely doesn't need any lessons from me !

Sunday 24 May 2020

Town & Country

The latest instalment in my lock down war-games with Michelle.

Yet again, we have gone with "The Age of Reason" using Black Powder rules.

 Michelle has chosen the Blue army on the left this time so I have the Reds on the right.

Yet again, my cavalry attempt to charge straight across the battlefield as its opening move

Michelle's hussars counter charge mine - carefully avoiding the heavy cavalry !

Clash !

In the centre my Scots brigade has occupied the farmhouse and barn and beyond that another two infantry brigades advance through the fields 

Two British guns unlimber ready to fire

I sent dragoons down the street dominated by the cathedral

Opposite, a brigade of infantry is moving towards the houses by the wooded park and cuirassiers face my cavalry down the street

Our hussar clash ended in a draw so both sides returned to their own lines

but undeterred, Michelle charges her cuirassiers at my dragoons

after some initial success, they are pushed back and my cavalry control cathedral square

Meantime, back at the farms, Michelle has sent an infantry brigade to occupy the farm on her side of the road. Her heavy cavalry have blundered and shifted to the left instead of advancing to attack my cuirassiers but her hussars still protect the right flank
 The British grenadiers now charge across the road towards their counter parts

a British gun has become disordered in counter battery fire

The Blue Grenadiers prepare to face the British

Despite all the conflict, some drinkers are still enjoying themselves outside the tavern !

The blue gun next to the park has taken too many casualties and breaks from the fight

The British grenadiers have swung left and attacked the remaining enemy gun instead of the blue grenadiers 

The Dice Gods have deserted Michelle as her closing fire fails to register a single hit !

The gunners do not hang around, so thats all her guns gone.

One British brigade has "frozen" in the fields and another blundered off the battlefield for two moves !

Michelle's cuirassiers charge down the street again

The reverend is not happy about all this fighting outside his cathedral !

One of my cavalry units has broken !

but subsequently we get our revenge

the blue grenadiers charged and broke a British grenadier battalion

The "heavies" are back beside the farm beside Michelle's hussars

Charge !

At last, the British infantry brigade in the field has woken up and advanced just in time to see a blue grenadier unit break

Two British brigades now face the blue grenadiers

The cavalry continue their struggle

but suddenly the hussars break when the cuirassiers recoil disordered

the blue grenadiers are badly outnumbered

they cannot hold these numbers of enemy for long

Our hussars now cross the road towards the park 

Just when I think we will break the enemy grenadiers another of my grenadier battalions breaks !

Just one blue grenadier battalion hangs on now

Michelle's right wing cavalry have all fled now

The blue grenadier brigade is finally broken

but they can satisfy themselves with the thought that the British grenadiers have had enough too !

The "lost" British brigade has rushed back onto the battlefield and heads for cathedral place

The British brigade commander in the fields orders one final volley at the departing enemy grenadiers

Michelle has brought an infantry brigade out of the houses by the cathedral and a melee takes place outside the cathedral

Will you people go away !

The drinkers are oblivious

British infantry break from the town

both sides have taken casualties but the blues look in better shape

My hussars are in the park but hesitate to charge the enemy infantry behind

The British brigade in the fields receive fresh orders

leave the town to the cavalry - attack the enemy held farm

The British guns pound the enemy occupied houses near the tavern

Another infantry clash is coming

My heavy cavalry attempt to charge the enemy infantry behind the town, watched by the timorous hussars

Blue infantry charge again but get disordered by closing fire

The British infantry has charged the rear of the farm

The enemy infantry lose and fail their break test so badly they flee - but there are many more troops in the farm buildings 

The cuirassiers failed in their charge attempt - broken by closing fire (maybe the hussars know best after all )

Slowly, the British infantry are turning the tide in the town

Two British battalions are now in the farmyard

but their casualties broke them during the next melee - the brigade routs !

but the pressure is maintained - the Scots brigade charge the front of the farm

get in and defeat the remaining blue defenders

That's it - I've had enough. Im writing to get your licence taken away.

The blue infantry brigade in the town is broken and the British have therefore won both town and country.

Your commentator prepares the guns to fire a victory salute.

the British cavalry parade through the cathedral square 

Michelle's forlorn battlefield character rues the loss of the farm and the battle. 

There will be another day.