Friday 30 December 2016

Fondler's Siege : a Sharp Practice Campaign

Two days, two war-games !

Today, it was over to Steve Clarke's for a return to our Fondler campaign - Chapter 13, Fondler's Siege.

This 2008 Campaign Supplement from Too Fat Lardies has given us many hours of fun so it was good to return to it - especially as it seems Rich Clarke may embark on another one for the latest Sharp Practice set of rules.

The game starts with the dastardly Colonel Hogshead and forty drunken deserters holed up in the old dilapidated castle of Asplenados.

A further ten sober deserters are on guard duty in a tower East of the castle.

They are about to receive an unwelcome visit from Richard Fondler and his Riflemen, this time supported by a troop from the rocket artillery.

A full strength troop with four rocket firing frames and forty rockets !

Which arrive first, set up and launch rockets in the direction of the castle - that should wake up the defenders ! 

True to form, they all miss, one or two whizzing over the castle with no effect.

This is Lieutenant Cholmondley, commander of the Rocketeers

Fondler arrives and orders his group of Rifles towards the castle

The commotion has Hogshead ordering his men to man the  castle walls. ready for action.

They are dispatched to all quarters of the castle as Hogshead makes his way into the main gate (where he has a hidden tunnel)

Captain Frederick Williamson now arrives with thirty more Rifles

Williamson copies Fondler and orders them forwards 

as quick as they can !

Hogshead's men open fire and cause some shock.

But the Rifles make good progress towards the castle gate

Despite harassing fire from above.

They get to the gate, which is rotten and proceed to bash it down

Hurrah ! Its down and the way is clear

Meanwhile, Fondler takes his men round the other side of the castle, drawing fire as they go.

The crumbled walls on this side will prove easier surely.

Some of Hogshead's over excited men rush down from above and charge the Rifles in the gateway.

But they are made of stern stuff and dispatch the deserters with ease.

Fondler arrives at the broken walls and orders his men to climb across.

Cholmondley orders his troop to limber up and move forwards.

Just as Fondler and his men charge across the broken wall.

Fondler leading the way.

A desperate volley by the deserters fails to achieve much 

and the subsequent hand to hand fighting sees them flee

to the relative safety of the opposite wall manned by more deserters

Williamson's men now appear inside the castle 

Hogshead's men manning the walls turn to fire at them.

 Where's he going with those rockets ?

Towards the castle ? Surely not !

Now Williamson's men charge the already blown deserters in the castle compound

and they are beaten decisively

Cholmondley has decided to unlimber the rockets beside the castle !

The first blow for the Rifles - Williamson is hit by fire from the walls, leaving Sergeant Wayne to take charge.

A furious fire fight erupts inside the castle and some Rifles gain the ramparts to engage the deserters up there.

The Rifles beat them

ands secure these walls but at some cost - valuable Riflemen have lost their lives.

Fondler and Wayne manage to organise their men and take on the remaining deserters on the walls.

A few have made it to the West tower

and they keep up a lively fire

but Fondler and his men have other ideas - fisticuffs !

The deserters lose this fight too.

At last, Fondler has complete control of the castle.

and they prepare to defend it.

Whilst all this has been going on, Sergeant Paisley and his Rifles have been off to rescue three Ladies  from the nearby convent and they are hurrying for the safety of the newly secured castle.

Paisley knows time is not on their side as Hogshead escaped and will be gathering up the hordes of deserters in the area to recapture the castle - and the Ladies !

Lift those skirts up, as we have to run !

As feared, large numbers of deserters lead by the evil Marshal Pot Noudelle march along the castle road.

Looks like hundreds of them !

Pot Noudelle needs to recapture that castle !

and Hogshead is with him.

The rocketeers shout encouragement to Paisley's rescue force

Better get a move on as those deserters are marching fast !

Hogshead forms his men into line and heads across country towards the castle

Long range rifle fire and the odd rocket causing shock

Paisley has got the Ladies around the back of the castle, heading for the gate house.

Just as well, because look at this lot !

Its definitely not over.

Paisley ushers the Ladies through the entrance

As Pot Noudelle gets his men into line like Hogsheads

The Ladies are sent in the direction of the West tower where most of the Rifles are lined up in defence.

At last, the rockets have some effect !

Under Cholmondley's direction

Most rockets miss of course but just enough cause some chaos.

Despite this, Pot Noudelle & Hogshead keep the lines steady and press forwards.

Bodies dropping at each step due to accurate rifle fire.

Controlled fire from both the tower

and the broken wall takes its toll

The deserters are getting close - effective range.

Close range even.

But at this point,  Hogshead is hit

The already faltering deserters morale collapses entirely and they refuse to attack any more.

Marshal Pot Noudelle is forced to retreat with his shattered army.

Richard Fondler and the Rifles are the heroes of the hour again !