Monday 1 February 2016

I Aint Been Shot Mum, Eastern Front game

Its been a while, so IABSM rules have been dusted off and a solo game set up as a refresher.

Soviet HQ, having heard the rumble of enemy armour !

Russian light tanks lurking amongst the trees with infantry alongside.

Further back, a troop of T34s in reserve.

And two SP guns in the lee of a rugged hill.

From where an NKVD officer barks out orders.

Soviet troops are positioned on two bridges

and they have tanks supporting them on the river line.

Here's the cause of the sound of tank engines, JagdPanzers emerging from some woods

Supported by infantry in half-tracks.

A camouflaged 88mm gun is in position on some high ground with a good view of the bridges.

and another artillery piece has been dragged up the slope to provide supporting fire.

The Russians await developments.

A company of German infantry get their orders on their start line.

The Soviet commander holds back his reserves for now.

As he has plenty of assets deployed on the river line.

The German infantry have turned their jackets over to white to blend in better.

And the SP Guns CO has even had a splash of white applied to his vehicle.

This is what the Germans have got to take.

A Panther breaks cover and brushes off an aiming shot from the Russian armour.

The German infantry dash forwards and reach the cover of another wood.

At this point, four more T34s are ordered forwards.

As the German infantry CO orders a charge against one of the bridges.

The tanks & SP guns on both sides exchange fire and cause some damage.

The German armour boldly advances into the open

Despite the damage, the Soviets keep up their fire

The Germans get into some hand to hand fighting despite taking casualties from the Soviet MG team

The hand to hand combat is bloody and the Germans are beaten back. 

Despite this, their CO tries to rally them for another go.

By now, one JagdPanzer has reached the river line as the others with the half tracks follow

The Russians fire again

and the German id hit ! Badly.

The CO urges on the rest of the armour.

Timely, the other T34s reach the threatened bridge.

and the Russian light tanks move to protect the other bridge too.

The Panther comes on too

and is engaged by a T34 which has charged onto the bridge

The T34 gets in first and with ace shooting blows up the Panther !

Undeterred, the half tracks have hurried to this bridge hoping to disembark their infantry to storm this bridge.

A combined arms attack develops over on the far bridge

and a battle between the two sets of armour develops.

Now its all happening !

The ace T34 strikes again and the lead half track is in flames

The Germans are getting the better of the other fire fight though and are across.

The Soviet commander seeing half of his tanks out of action and the Germans across the river orders the recall - game over.

I particularly like the armour v armour rules in IABSM, so this was fun !

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  1. We need to start another campaign! Looks like a great game. What does the new campaign cover. Is it late war?


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