Tuesday 9 February 2016

Raiders ! Dux Britanniarum Supplement

A solo game to get to grips with the changes to the original rule set for Scotti, Picts & Irish Raiders

Here's the Supplement in question ...

Scotti Raiders with a Hounds Master.

These are true dogs of war !

Raider cavalry

And a Lord in a chariot - what's not to like ?!!!

The Raider Lord's card comes up and he impetuously rushes everyone forwards

The Romano-British are alert and ready

and Levy troops are called across the ford to assist.

As others scramble out of their cottages.

The British Lord gathers up some skirmishers

Here they come !

No hanging around here - the Scotti Lord ploughs his troops into the British shiledwall

With disastrous results !

They are thrown back and the British Lord urges his men to take advantage - they charge in turn and destroy the Scotti raiders 

The Lord had already wheeled his chariot away and the rest scooted after him - not a successful raid and lots of men down - he might not remain as a war lord for much longer !

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  1. Nice! This is one of the game systems I'd like to get into one of these days, time and funds permitting.


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