Sunday 7 July 2019

Principals of War : Napoleonic Game

Les laid on this game at the club today - Russians (Me) v French (Richard). All troops and terrain courtesy of Les bar the house which is a club one as he forgot to bring a Russian one ! Les acted as umpire too and mentored me as a PoW novice.

The objective for the Russians is to capture the bridge and the house - which is currently occupied by the French advance guard and they have a regiment of hussars over the river too.

My first Russian brigade is advancing across the corn fields (right to left) where the hussars are positioned

The French have infantry in the house and orchard

Richard's hussars charge the lead Russian battalion

which manages to adopt square formation just in time

The rest of the brigade ignored this action and swept past towards the river - the hussars withdrew as soon as they were able having failed to break the square

A second Russian brigade arrives and heads for the house

the hussars have returned to have another go at the Russian infantry

but again they are forced back - you can see behind this the second Russian brigade is attacking the house

and the orchard too

the first Russian brigade has changed into line before continuing their advance to the river

although the river may be fordable, rumours of more French approaching are received

and its true ! Cavalry and infantry appear over the hill to the right of the orchard

and on the left, where they have got to the river

a fire fight develops across the river

and the Russian cavalry arrive just in time to tackle the French cavalry which has crossed the river

The cavalry melee takes several bounds  

and now the Russian infantry have charged across the river

but they suffer set backs right from the off

One French cavalry unit has retreated

Repeated attempts to take the house and orchards are repulsed

With casualties mounting across the battlefield and the French now firmly in position right across the line, I concede that we will not be able to take the bridge or the house and call it a day.

I have to say I struggled with the mechanisms of Principals of War, being more used to Black Powder.  Lots of morale throws and I am not a fan of average dice and D20s, I must confess.

At least it was another excuse to push lots of Napoleonic troops around the table !

Thanks Les for letting me have a go. 

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