Sunday, 12 September 2021

No River, so No Bridges !

 When Mark came round a few days later, the troops were much the same but the confounded river and bridges had gone !

The brigades are sorted out and the French get the initiative

They get infantry forward to plug the gap between woods and town

In fact, both sides of the town, also into buildings

The Bavarian heavy cavalry brigade launches an attack against the French Guard heavy cavalry

Which catches the French off guard

The French cavalry lose the melee and badly fail their morale check, so the Bavarians do a follow up charge against the remaining Carabiniers

On the other flank, Bavarian columns swoop across the fields to attack the French infantry

The Austrian infantry have managed to get into a couple of houses but the French occupy most of the town and now have artillery covering the area beside the town

A second Bavarian infantry brigade awaits orders to advance, just watching the Austrians to their right

The Bavarian attack on the left has defeated a French battalion and a gap has appeared

The Bavarian cavalry has disappeared off the table pursuing the enemy - apart from one regiment which has retreated with casualties, so suddenly the right flank looks a shambles !

The second Bavarian brigade has "snookered itself" by marching up to the impenetrable woods - only light infantry can operate in there

However, to their right, the first brigade is in another fight with the French infantry columns

French Guard infantry have swept through the field now the Bavarian cavalry have gone and hit some Austrians on the road and their guns are also now very exposed to attack

The Bavarian first brigade is now being supported by an attack by the second infantry brigade - despite close range fire from French artillery

But this has left a gaping hole in the Allied centre rear which the Old Guard are quick to exploit - the Bavarian guns are their target !

But the French infantry on the left have all been swept from the field - so can the Guard break the enemy before the victorious Bavarian infantry turn to face them ?

The Austrian grenadiers that had been in the town have dashed out to attack the Guard in the rear as Bavarian infantry attack too - two Old Guard battalions are beaten.

The remaining French infantry brigade also forms up in the town to push through the centre

Old Guard infantry shoot shaken Austrian Uhlans which finishes off the Allied cavalry

But Austrian guns have won the counter battery fight and broken the French artillery

At this point, French army morale collapsed completely and an Allied win declared.

A much more fluid and enjoyable game without the river getting in the way !

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