Sunday 29 December 2013

Napoleon beats Wellington !

Well, we assembled the big 25/28mm battalions for a Christmas special, a sort of Waterloo game with much of my British and French collection on show
here's the massed French army deploying to attack

here's the British left flank anchored on a farm defended by Dutch Nassauers
skirmishers out front and defence lines in depth

the French start to move
and battle commences with artillery fire at long range

Two divisions of infantry in column march towards the enemy

with a third division following behind
The Imperial Guard infantry and Red Lancers wait in reserve

Wellington has decided to put all his cavalry over on the left behind the farm house

his gunners pour fire on the advancing French columns
Over on the French left, Carabiniers advance threateningly towards the Scots in front of the farm adjacent to the woods with French horse artillery in support
most of the French columns reach the British lines despite their fire power

and melees ensue

the Nassauers fire at the passing French infantry

some of the French recoil
and one squadron of British light dragoons try and take advantage of this
the first British defence lines crumble and the columns carry on again

one British infantry unit steps up onto the high ground in front of where they had been hidden
two squadrons of French chasseurs a cheval attack them, drive them from the hillock and send them back through the ranks of the Brunswickers behind the stream 
This time, the Chasseurs fail to penetrate the enemy line and withdraw
but French grenadiers succeed here and a hole opens up in the British centre

other French infantry push on in the direction of the allied cavalry
the British light cavalry form up and threaten the French right
the French lancers of the line are spurred forwards to counter this

melee ensues

but the British emerge the victors leaving the French right wide open
just as the Imperial Guard infantry march onto the centre of the battlefield

Napoleon and his staff watch their right anxiously
but with French infantry exploiting the gaps in the British centre, and with the RHA either retreating or over run
a Scottish battalion in reserve tries to make a stand

whilst their remaining comrades on the right prepare to be pounded by the French horse artillery
a final charge breaks their resistance and the day belongs to Napoleon
The Guard infantry were not needed after all.
This game took the best part of twelve hours (12 noon until midnight) apart from a short break for lunch, using the old In The Grand Manner rules, so Steve Clarke and I were both shattered at the end - but it was worth it ! 
Next up, a 15mm Napoleonic game at Raph's on 2nd January using Shako rules, then a game at Steve Clarke's on 3rd (probably a Wild West one) and then Sunday 5th is the Essex Warriors' AGM.


  1. WoW! What a display in 28mm!!!
    And a tense fight!!

  2. Beautiful looking game. Very jealous.

  3. Great looking game and nice report!

  4. Very impressive looking game Stephen, I am not surprised it took 12 hours, there are a lot of units on the table.
    Happy New Year,


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