Tuesday 24 December 2013

Essex Warriors Christmas Game

Well, I failed miserably in 2013 and only got along to the Warriors once or twice but the lure of mince pies and Christmas cake got me over to Writtle last Sunday, even though the Saturday hang over was kicking in.
Raph had invited me to join in an AWI British Grenadier game but by the time I crawled down there, things were well under way ...
They had  picked a scenario out of one of the supplements where the Americans were trying to get their guns away, a fighting retreat

The British had elite grenadiers aplenty but were struggling to deploy them

and the American skirmishers were making a damned nuisance of themselves, screening the more suspect militia

The British commanders sitting this side of the table ponder their next move.  It has to be said on the other side of the table, we have two genuine Americans in command !
The dice fell nicely every time for the Rebels and the guns careered along, much to the chagrine of the Brits
The skirmish screen eventually ran back to cross the stream
Giving momentary hope to the British who gave chase


But the pursuing British were too late, the guns disappeared off the table, leaving the Grenadiers a brigade of Rebel militia to beat up.
Here's the sun shining on the righteous !
Behind us. Les, Ian and crew had an interesting looking FIW game going on with plenty of Les's home made buildings and scenery on show

No captions, as I haven't a clue what they were up to !
Happy Christmas everyone !
Next report will be after the In The Grand Manner Napoleonic battle on Friday.

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