Saturday 3 August 2013

The Waggon Train

Clemens knows he's up against it. A triumphant Frithuwald is intent on capturing a waggon train ...

Clemens advances with his warriors ahead of the waggons
What's that over on the right ?

 Form shieldwall !
Here they come again, Tribune Clemens !
Ah, Murrius spies some customers !
Clemens decides to attack over on the right whilst the enemy forces are briefly separated as the waggons trundle along the path
The first Saxons get to the pathway ahead of the convoy
Clemens tries to charge the Saxons from two directions with the Levy attack from the rear but the warrior formation fail to make contact
The Saxons turn and fight the Levy alone

 And then attack the British warrior shieldwall
The Levy are already off and being pursued and the shieldwall breaks

Clemens pulls back to regroup
But then gets attacked from behind by the returning Saxons
And the waggons are captured
Two quick victories for Frithuwald gives him enough wealth and prestige to be declared a Warlord.
He will next seek a pitched battle with the British in two months time when both sides will have recovered their strength


  1. Smashing looking game! Dux Brit really is a great game, isn't it?

  2. Very nice!! But I am afraid of asking what Frithuwald means...

  3. Superb game, Mitch, even if I was on the wrong end of it twice yesterday !

  4. Thanks for sharing Stephen. Chain of Command is on pre-order but I will be investing in a set of these rules in the future.


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