Saturday 3 August 2013

Britannia under attack again !

We managed to fit in two raids from the Dux Britanniarum campaign section yesterday as part of our on-going second campaign.

A new Saxon Lord, Frithuwald appears on the scene intent on attacking a Romano-British watch tower but more to the point, he wants to kidnap a British noble for ransom.

Here's the first of the raiders arriving
The British deploy into battle line

The British start with a Force Morale of 6

The Saxons are on seven.
Murrius the inn keeper hopes all this fighting will make the men thirsty
Two groups of British warriors further south rush to reach the action
The Saxons hurry forward in shieldwall and are charged by the British shock cavalry but the only shock is that half the cavalry are killed and the rest flee



Then three groups of British Levy and one unit of Comanipulares move forward

The fighting rages backwards and forwards

Saxon archers add their sting

Although some Saxons have been pushed back, their elite troops manage to get the better of the smaller British elite unit
They are pushed back and pursued
The British leader, Clemens, tries to rally them
But they die anyway
The two remaining British cavalrymen attack the Saxon elite but are beaten again.
Clemens now has only two much reduced units left in the north

And the Force Morale has plummeted to zero with all the losses - game over !
However, neither Clemens or his two nobles are captured so they make good their escape.
Warned that the Saxon rampage will continue without delay, Clemens decides he does not have the luxury of time to regroup his forces and decides to battle on with what he has left ...
He has to protect a waggon convoy heading south - that's the next scenario.

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