Thursday 27 June 2013

Poleaxed !

A Wars of the Roses game using Poleaxed 2 rules.

Raph turned up this afternoon with his beautiful Wars of the Roses troops and a copy of Poleaxed 2 rules for a game
Here they are, men at arms in front; bowmen behind
A really colourful sight
The rules are by The Lance & Longbow Society so come with some pedigree
Here's my army roster sheet, Warwick in command with contingents commanded by Scrope, Norfolk, Arundel, Cromwell, Berners & Bouchier respectively
And here's my Yorkist troops advancing to battle
Raph had Lancastrians under the command of Somerset and Trollope with contingent commanders Welles, Exeter, Devon, Codnor, FitzHugh and Greystock.
The two armies exchanged bow shots as they closed on each other

And then they charged home
The Yorkists managed to get on the right flank of the Lancastrians but likewise, the Yorkists got a wrap around on Scrope's men near the centre.

The melee ebbed and flowed

The Yorkist breakthrough was when both Somerset and Welles were killed in the action

But just when they didn't need it, Scrope's men broke from action as their losses became too much

So, no outright winner after all but a big blow for the Lancastrians losing their commander
This was my first attempt at Poleaxe, so Raph had to do all the number crunching and calculations.
No doubt, it will be easier next time !
... and worth it just to have these gorgeous troops gracing my table for a few hours !


  1. Splendid pictures, your figures are really great, very colorful!

  2. Looks great Steve. We are trying out Poleaxed 2 at our club as well so will follow this quite closely.

  3. Enjoying your Sudan blog Carlo and great that you are putting the Peter Gilder rules on there


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