Sunday 23 June 2013

Condottieri 1501

Fillippo Baglioni, Condottieri mercenary leader in the employ of the city of Altoforte has decided to attack the poor burghers of neighbouring city, Borgonuovo, which, in desperation hires the German mercenary, Hans Gruebenhagen

Here is the belligerent, Fillippo Baglioni

His troops mass on the hills facing Borgonuovo

And here we see Gruebenhagen giving last minute instructions to his crossbowmen and gunners

These are the few cavalry Gruebenhagen has to hold the line
Here we can see the gallant troops of Gruebenhagen defending the hill line and village as the enemy advance
Here we can see the town Briganti defending a village
  And these few professional soldiers advance to protect their right flank

Vicious attacks are launched across the length of the battlefield

Never before has poor little Borgonuovo faced such terrible odds

But their brave defenders put up a good fight
Il Tellio, the local publican hopes business will not be interrupted ?
For so long, the plucky Borgonuovans fought off the attacks of the evil Altofortians

Wave after wave were repulsed

but in the face of such insurmountable odds

the end was never in doubt
It was with great reluctance that Hans Grubenhagen bade farewell to Borgonuovo ... but after all, he has just been made a better offer by Castelvecchio !
 The gates of Castelvecchio

Well, hello ladies !
I'm sure his trusty Landsknechts will know where to find him ...

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