Tuesday 12 February 2013

World War II Cavalry

Cavalry in IABSM III

Rich Clarke mentioned to me the other day that he was working on the Stats for cavalry on the Eastern Front for the up-coming IABSM supplement with the unpronouncable name !
He wondered whether it was time well spent as he doubted many of us possessed or even had an interest in the cavalry used in the East.
Well, I for one have dug out my 20mm WWII "donkey wallopers" to show I AM interested and will use them, given the chance.
Here's a few shots of my cavalry ...
These are Britannia Germans.
Trotting past a Soviet Farm Collective.
Officer rather conspicuous at the front, asking for a sniper shot !
And here are the Russians (can't recall the manufacturer)
Getting some orders from a senior officer.
This will be my last post for a while as I am off to the US of A for a conference in Kansas City and then my cunning plan is to afterwards fly to Dulles International, rent a car and make a trip to Gettysburg before coming home ! 


  1. Excellent figures, you don't see too many of them around, they'd be very interesting to play with I guess.

  2. Those are all nice figures.
    Stephen, if you ever figure out the manufacturer of those 20mm Cossacks, pray let me know. I am currently working on a set of Revell Cossacks, who are different from these chaps in that they have capes.
    I have been wracking my brains figuing out what to do with ostfront cavalry and am glad Richard is on it too.
    I am thinking maybe raids and recon?


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