Monday 11 February 2013

The London Road Battle

Another War of the Roses fight using Sharp Practice.

More troops used in this one - but I forgot to add more Big Men which caused Command & Control problems for both sides !
The Yorkist hold over the London Road is about to be challenged.
The Yorkists advance to line the road.
The Lancastrians learn that the farm workers are sympathetic to their cause.
Lancastrian bowmen give fire to advancing enemy foot.
Yorkist crossbowmen line the wall.
Lancastrian knights charge forwards
Just as Yorkist ones do in the field next to them !
Yorkist hand gunners line the hedges near the woods
The Lancastrian knights come off worse
And have to retire
The Yorkist charges goes in
And they force the Lancastrian foot knights back with their leader
Other Yorkist cavalry have caught Lancastrian crossbowmen in the open
But somehow contrive to make a mess of it and run away !
The Lancastrian lord rallies his men and pushes them forwards
As his Men-at-Arms on the right tackle the hand gunners
They have some success and the gunners retire beyond the road
Some Yorkist troops have spied the farm girls !
Lancastrian knights charge again

With the foot knights attacking to their left
The Yorkist line cracks
First the Yorkist crossbowmen run out of bolts
Then the local priest insists on blessing them !
The Lancastrian knights press home their advantage
The Lancastrian foot knights smash their way forwards too
The Lancastrian crossbows force back the remaining Yorkist cavalry
The Yorkist leader decides to depart with his remaining hand gunners
Lancashire receives prayers for the victory.
Another enjoyable game with Lancashire the victors this time, so one all in this mini campaign.


  1. So the Yorkists have the town but now they're penned in.
    Command problems? I thought that was the main feature in medieval battles :)

  2. A superb looking table Stephen, with a great battle report.
    Thanks for sharing,

    1. Praise indeed coming from you, Pat - it still doesn't compare to the beautiful terrain you show on your blog.


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