Saturday 4 January 2014

The Gold Train

Friday was a bit of a Wild West fun day when Steve Clarke had laid out the table with a 15mm town complete with railroad and train

The scenario was that the town's richest man had decided to ship some of his gold out by train and the sheriff's men had been paid to guard and escort it down to the railyard
Here's Mr Rich outside his office waiting for the Deputies and the waggon

Rules for the game ?  Legends of the Old West
Here's the Sheriff and his men
These are the Baddies after the loot
The Baddies rode into town

and left their horses at the livery stables
The gold was loaded onto a waggon

and the journey to the rail yard started without a hitch
but then sgun men emerged from the bar and demanded the waggon halted

the Deputy up front opened fire and missed
but one of the Baddies hit the second Deputy
The sound of gun fire brought the Sheriff out of his office in the jail

and the other two Deputies at the rail yard were alerted too
other Baddies emerged

as the driver tried to continue, firing over his shoulder as he went
he managed to get the waggon to the rail yard and his colleagues rushed to help

as three Baddies closed in
back up the street the Sheriff gunned down one Baddie
but just as it seemed the odds had been evened, a rifle armed Baddie shot a Deputy near the train

a fierce gun fight ensued and another Deputy was down

but the remaining one managed to drag the crate of gold to the train

and got it into the freight car

he was now up against three Baddies, two of whom leapt up onto the train roof

one fell whilst trying to cross the gap and was badly hurt
the second fell as the train started to pull away and was also out of the game
Meantime, the Sheriff had arrived at the rail yard and a prolonged fight went on between him and the Baddies' leader - which the Sheriff finally won !
So the train did get away with the gold after all.
Here's the town folk looking at the grizzly remains of the culprits outside the undertaker's establishment !
So rest easy, folks, the side of law and order did prevail !

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  1. That's a very nice report, figures are great and the terrain excellent!


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