Sunday 3 November 2013

Long Time, No See !

Apologies for my absence, folks, what with work travel (Nigeria this time) and two eye operations (no see - get it ?!) my blog has taken a bit of a back seat.

Lets' s see if we can put that right by giving you a report of Friday's game over at Steve Clarke's.

We decided to return to Sharp Practice and continue our campaign with Fondler.  Our next scenario is Chapter 11, Fondler's Surprise, where Fondler and his Rifles are supporting Major Angus McDougal's red coats and Major Brock's rocket troops charged with rescuing Colonel Grabbe-Goulies from the clutches of the evil Colonel Daniel Laroux and his men holed up in a convent.

 Here's the battlefield from the British entry point
 Here are Laroux and Grabbe-Goulies in the convent
 French light troops in an advance position on high ground
The French in strength at the convent

McDougal's men advance in column towards the convent
Harassed by the French skirmishers

Major Brock decides its time to deploy the rockets
As the skirmishers have started picking off the officers and NCOs

But at this point, French troops emerge from the Convent presenting another target
To everyone's amazement, a rocket actually hit the target (in a roundabout way of getting there!)
And at this point, Fondler and his Rifles appear in the valley
 Giving fire to the pesky French skirmishers
And proceed to scale the heights to their right overlooking the Convent

 The French hurry forward
thinking they can catch some Rifles in the flank
 Only to find that they are attacked in the flank by other Rifles led by Fondler
 Which sends them fleeing to the protection of the skirmishers on the adjacent hill
As they find themselves threatened by the British column to their rear too
The ringing of the Convent bells has alerted some French cavalry
And the French also wheel out a small cannon to fire at the Rifles on the hill

As the cavalry consider charging up there to alleviate that threat
 McDougal's column advance resolutely towards the Convent
 And despite taking casualties
 charges the French line blocking the way
and smashes through the left of the line
(thanks to dice throwing like this !)
The rifle fire was so effective that the cavalry and the artillery were driven off

whilst McDougal's column battered their way into the Convent, defeated the remaining defenders
and released Grabbe-Goulies from Laroux's captivity !
A most enjoyable game, especially as we stopped for a pie and a pint in The Chequers at half time.


  1. Welcome back Stephen and I hope your mince pies are now working fine and are okay. It looks like a great game with some really big units.

  2. Great game report. Love Sharp Practice.


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