Friday, 12 October 2012

The Gun Powder Works (continued)

Well the battle has continued this week ...
Defenders take up their positions.
Whilst the Boleynian hordes advance relentlessly.
Cavalry pour across the fields.
As Light Infantry move into the woods.
The Boleynian guns set up on the hilltop.
As their opposite numbers deploy behind a wall in the wheat fields.
The Boleyn Infantry step forward with confidence.
As Hussars clash on the left.
Light infantry trade fire in the woods on the right.
The cavalry melee extends to 2 regiments a side.
 The Defenders come off worse in the woods.
And the Boleyn Foot prepare to fire.
The defending cavalry have to retire for 2 moves.
Now the Boleynian Heavy Cavalry attack.
 Boleynian Hussars come forwards to replace those retiring.
The Boleyn retire from losses.
Their cavalry try to attack the infantry lines but receive fire from the woods and the lines of foot. 

The Red Pandours move towards the enemy guns as the enemy Light Foot retreat.
Heavy cavalry clash on the right.
The Boleynians pursue the remnants as the Horse Grenadiers look on in horror.
Frei Korps view from the West Woods.
Infantry trade fire in the centre.
And the Boleyn white coats come off worse !
The Horse Grenadiers come forwards to melee.
The Red Pandours attack the guns but fall below 50% in the process so have to retreat.
Whilst the rallied Hussars chase off the Boleyn Hussars.
At the end of the day, with their cavalry blown and two regiments of infantry defeated in the centre, the Boleynians call off the attack - but it was close !

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