Sunday, 7 October 2012

Lace Wars using Charles Grant's "The Wargame" Rules.

Today, I had the pleasure of a visit by Iain Burt, "Essex Boy" on the WD3 Forum, for a Lace Wars battle and he brought along his famous Boleyn Regiment of Spencer Smith Miniatures together with other units in his collection.
We opted to play using the latest version of "The Wargame" by Brigadier Charles Grant with BIG regiments.

Here are the Boleyn Boys lined up for action.

His Light Troops to the fore.

Cavalry hover in support. 

These Cuirassiers are moving forwards to take on my Horse Grenadiers. 

Whilst his Hussars are over on the left. 

Here is my army arrayed for battle.

The Artillery were late and stuck behind the cavalry. 

My Heavy and Light Cavalry advance on my right.

Iain got his guns deployed first.

His infantry stand firm in the centre. 

Officers encourage his Light Troops.

The cavalry are commited on his right.

Whilst mine move forward on my right as one battery is sent over to support the left.

A formidable front.

My Grenadiers de France & Irish Infantry advance in the centre.

And my Light Troops push on.

The head of my Heavy Cavalry appears over on the right. 

Cavalry action is imminent.

My Irish boys crash into Iain's infantry despite taking fire earlier and beat them ! 

Whilst my Horse Grenadiers defeat his cavalry on my left. 
With two units of cavalry in retreat and his infantry broken in the middle, it was all up for the Boleyn Army and a general retreat ordered.
A most enjoyable day's gaming !


  1. Made all the better by Iain bringing along his beautifully painted troops. We did have a good battle with a twist at the end when my "Wild Geese" turned the tide !

  2. It was a pleasure to meet you at last, Steve, and to admire your incredible collection. Thank you for a thoroughly enjoyable game (and the wonderful rations) and I look forward to a return match. Your troops did you proud - particularly the Wild Geese who were magnificent.


  3. Lovely, Steve -- it looks like you and Iain had a great time.

    Must require a bit of head-scratching measuring ranges across that gap! Takes me back to the Wargames Holiday Centre...

  4. Hello Henry !

    Not helped by the two tables not being aligned properly so "line of sight" an issue.

    The Irish Regiment definitely managed to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat - they just did not know when to give up !