Friday, 26 October 2012

Tall Ho LRDG !

The troop look for a break in the German perimeter fence.
They are through and racing for the parked aircraft but a German mortar unit spots an LRDG vehicle.
The CO gets to the farthest plane without being spotted.
Two LRDG vehicles have now been spotted
The CO's jeep makes a nice bonfire out of their plane.
As No.2 gets to the other plane.
Kaboom !  2nd plane is destroyed as Afrika Korps infantry open fire from the roof top.
A German tank hits one of the vehicles and the crew are killed.
German motor cycle combis are sent off in pusuit.
Two vehicles show a clean pair of heels as they head for the gap.
The CO's parting MG shots hit the unit on the roof top.
So for the loss of one Chevrolet & crew the LRDG managed to destroy 2 Luftwaffe fighters, a mortar team and a few infantry - a good night's work !


  1. Nice figures, I did have these, but very stupidly sold them all before I actually used them!!! Oh the woes of a wargamer!!!!