Saturday, 20 October 2012

Naval Dockyards, Chatham.

Had a trip down to Chatham yesterday, despite the appalling weather (mist and drizzle).
Glad we did, a very interesting  museum - and I made my own length of rope in The Ropery, still the longest brick-built building in Europe (internal length of 1,135 feet or 346 metres). 
Visitors entrance from the car park.
The Wheelwright's shop and Capstan makers.
Bofors Gun
HMS Gannet, built 1878, fought at Suakin in 1886.
HM Submarine Ocelot, built here at Chatham in 1962 and remained in service until 1981.
HMS Cavalier, built 1944, last remaining WWII Royal Navy destroyer.
Naval helicopter.
View down the length of The Ropery. Still being used today.
How about this for an entrance ? The Admiral's Offices, built 1808.
We didn't arrive until 2pm and quickly discovered we should have allowed a whole day as there is so much to see and do.
We did have a brief guided tour of HM Submarine Ocelot but did not get to board Cavalier or Gannet. Still, the ticket is valid for a year, so maybe return another day to complete the tour.


  1. Great pics thanks for sharing! I'm ashamed to admit I've never been there even though I live around 7-8 miles away!

  2. You really should, Ray, although it cost over £60 for the four of us to get in !

  3. Blimey! Not a cheap day out then!!