Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Self Propelled Artillery Battery.

Sorting through the WWII trays, I rediscovered this heavy battery bought from B & B Wargames of Norfolk many years ago

Must flick through my I Aint Been Shot Mum scenarios to see if I can find an excuse to bring them into a game sometime - trouble is, with their range, they would normally be way off the table !
Perhaps their orders to retreat in Normandy didn't get through and they are sitting there ablivious to what's coming ? ...


  1. It's the way you tell the difference between an IABSM player and one from That Other System - IABSM players don't own any artillery models :D :D

    (Just kidding!)

  2. These are from long before THAT other system ever existed, Mike !!!

    I think I got them for Rapid Fire! but never got to use them in anger so they've loitered in the bottom of a tray ever since.

  3. One of the "Where The Hell Have You Been, Boys?" scenarios calls for 3 M7s, for what it's worth :D

  4. Russian breakthrough forces German hasty defense of the artillery park.

    Or how about:

    A Handful of Hummel 1945.

    Berlin is surrounded! Outside the Alkett factory, a ragged band of Wehrmacht veterans, beardless boys, factory workers and tired old men gather to make a last ditch attempt to hold the Spandau Bezirk of Berlin. Ammunition is short and their only support is the last run of Hummel completed with whatever spares were left on the factory floor. Their paint only just dry, the Hummel would be no match for any real tank - except they have a limited supply of Spr.Gr 42 TS capable of defeating the heaviest Russian armour.

    Germans get the heavies, a couple of platoons of Volks grenadiers stiffened by some Heer big men and perhaps a fanatical youth tank killing team or two loaded up with panzerfaust. You could assume if you like that a Nashorn mounting was just lying around and was put on in place of the 15cm howitzer. A Munitionsträger Hummel or two could be added as ersatz Kangaroos.

    Russians get a company of infantry a brace of SU 122 and whatever supports you find amusing. Give them orders to break through a "thin defensive line" and exit viable units off the far side of the board representing a push into the heart of Berlin. 15cm HE fired direct should make Ivan's life interesting.

  5. Wow Pat ! Sounds like you should be writing scenarios for Mr Clarke & Mr Skinner ! I like this - I'll give it a go when I get back from Dubai in 2 weeks time.

  6. Thank you. And people say a Literature degree is useless.... ;)