Saturday, 13 October 2012

Back of Beyond.

A try out of the rules by A League of Extraordinary Kriegspielers.
The Rules.
The Bolshevik aggressors.
Cossack Irregular Cavalry.
Chinese Irregulars hold a village with HMG & General nearby.
Chinese Field Gun & Regular Infantry marching to support.
Other Regulars are already lining a wall ready for action.
Led by their General, the Cossacks head for the village.
Chinese support troops enter the field.
 The Cossacks reach the outskirts of the village.
Whilst Russian infantry advance across the plain.
The Cossacks get in amongst the Chinese troops in the village centre.
After 2 rounds of melee, not many Chinese left !
Chinese MG & Mortar try to exact some revenge.
Which causes the Cossacks to charge them next.
Bolshevik Naval detachment occupy the village.
View from behind the Field Gun & Infantry position.
Attacked from both sides, the Chinese are overcome.
Thoughts ?  Well, its card-driven so it comes easy to a Lardyite.  Unless I am misreading the firing rules, the field gun didn't pack much of a "punch" (throw only one die  whereas the HMG had 6 ?).
Plenty of "Old School" rules e.g., saving throws for officers  and you need a difference of 2 points to win the individual combats in melee.
Generally easy to follow although they could have done with an index to make it easier to refer to points in the rules.  That said, I believe a later version has now been published so that may have addressed some of the issues.
Next game, I will introduce an Armoured Car to see what impact they have.

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