Monday, 18 February 2019

Skirmish at Little Snoring

An unusual one for us - Very British Civil War 1938 - using Setting the East Ablaze rules !

A Royal Party are en route to the airport but are taking a break at the Police Station at Little Snoring, protected by BUF, Army and Police units.

However, the Anglican League have got word of this interlude and forces have been dispatched to stop the Royals escaping.

Our flimsy excuse for a small battle !  Mike and I had the Royalists, Bob and Allan the Anglicans.

Here's the village of Little Snoring - the Royal Party are in the Police Station at the far end of the board. Forces are massing already !

The church is the dominant feature in the centre of the village

The Police have set up a road block at the T Junction by the cottages

But they are facing the wrong direction - Anglican League forces appear in the fields and up the road where the Lyons van has quickly been turned round to provide some protection.

and more Anglican League forces move down the High Road including an armoured car

BUF troops quickly take defensive positions around the Police Station, including an HMG team.

The Royal Party watch anxiously by their Rolls Royce.

The Anglican League infantry use the armoured car as cover as they advance 

The Police unit are now threatened from two different directions at once

The parishioners watch on in horror.

At this moment, a regular army unit (part of the protection force for the Royals) rapidly moves up to occupy the churchyard

and BUF and Guards troops head towards the sound of gun fire

The Police come under fire from the enemy armoured car

but this is interrupted by the arrival of a Lanchester armoured car peppering it with fire despite a van blocking some of its view

At this moment, the Guards are hit by devastating enemy machine gun fire - five men down !

Getting away from the attentions of the Lanchester, the Anglican armoured car moves past the church and fires at the army chaps moving across the graveyard

Two are hit

The remaining soldiers manage to scale the steps up to the church roof - a commanding position.

The Police unit has moved over to the Lyons van as they hear the sounds of a pending attack
Three policemen are hit by fire from the field

The Royals are now getting rather nervous !

BUF troops trade fire with the enemy but take casualties and are suppressed for now

Anglican League sailors assault the Police force

but the Police win the first round of hand to hand combat

and the second !

BUF reinforcements have made it to the Police van

The Lanchester had moved forward and had been causing plenty of casualties to the Anglican troops but has now been hit by an anti-tank rifle which suppressed it and it will have to withdraw

The Anglican armoured car has reached the barricade and aiming fire at the BUF 

They cling to the back of the Police van for cover

Not many Anglicans left in the field where the Lanchester and the army troops on the church roof had concentrated their fire

Still the Anglican armoured car tries to remove the BUF troops

The army boys sense that this is the key moment of the fight

Another Anglican unit has got behind the barricade and finished off the Police unit but fire from the church roof and the BUF Lewis gun are hammering them.

Indeed, the Anglican commander has seen so much of his force wiped out that he knows their mission is impossible - he orders a withdrawal.

The Royal Party are safe to continue their journey - although a little shaken up !

A good little game for our entertainment at the club.

Wednesday, 13 February 2019

The Brewery at San Miguel

Today, Mike (British) and I (French) fought for possession of Señor Alberto Murrio's Brewery in Spain.

The famous San Miguel Brewery with its proud owner.

French forces approach (2 infantry brigades, a Lancer brigade with supporting artillery)

Infantry starting in march column

The British forces (a British infantry brigade, a Portuguese one, Light cavalry brigade and supporting artillery)

The British start in line

British commander wins the toss and pushes his cavalry brigade forward rapidly.

The French then get both infantry brigades forward with their artillery

In the background the Lancers make their way around the back of the Brewery

Right, open the bar Francisco !

The British cavalry roll a "Blunder" and are forced to move to their right instead of heading to confront the enemy Lancers.

Using the gap created, the Portuguese infantry march up the road

The Rifles have taken up a good firing position within a boundary wall

Here come the Lanciers de Berg

The foremost French infantry make a dash for the Brewery.

Reformed, the British Light Dragoons head off towards the enemy Lancers

The British have a rocket battery which is hitting the French infantry with unexpected accuracy !

British infantry have now advanced on the right of the walled enclosure

The French are in the Brewery and their flag flies above the building

The British Light Dragoons make an ill-fated charge against a French Horse Battery, becoming disordered and shaken with the result that they badly fail a Break Test and are routed from the field.

Portuguese infantry now assault the Brewery

The French Horse battery's celebrations are short lived as they receive a hail of fire from both artillery and infantry resulting in them also failing a Break Test - gone for good !

The French grimly defend the Brewery

Because of the threat from the Lanciers de Berg, Portuguese infantry form a protective square

The French have two field guns on the left flank pouring shot into the advancing Brunswick Hussars

Infantry clash in front of the Brewery - the Nassau Battalion receives a charge by the British

The French Lancers have charged around the back of the Portuguese infantry

and slam into the flank of first the Rocket Battery and then the Brunswick Horse Artillery - both are swept from the field

The Nassaeurs have also advanced forward after pushing back the British

The Portuguese have been thrown back from the Brewery

but a second charge sees the Brewery fall to the Portuguese !

Determined hand to hand combat continues in front of the white wall

The Brewery changes hands again as a fresh French unit storms the building and evicts the Portuguese.

But they are then attacked from two sides simultaneously

The infantry wear each other down

The Portuguese regain the Brewery !

as one of the units prepares to attack the Brewer's House which is still held by the French

The Portuguese flag is flying from the roof despite them taking heavy casualties

French artillery is wheeled round to fire at the Brewery with devastating effect. The Portuguese inside are destroyed so the building is now empty.

Massed battle ! Both sides have supports 

The French artillery now plays on the Rifles

Its a stalemate here - mainly because the French keep winning their Break Tests by a big margin.

But by now both sides have lost their cavalry and an infantry brigade and guns. The French still have the Brewer's House in their possession and more fresh infantry than the British who simply do not have any uncommitted manpower left to retake the Brewery.

Exhausted, the two sides have fought each other to a stand still.

A tough little Black Powder action.

The only winner was Señor Alberto Murrio who succeeded in dispensing much ale to both sides at exorbitant prices !