Monday, 15 January 2018

Von Luck Campaign Continues

Ian and I got the troops out again for the next instalment in this Chain of Command "Pint Sized Campaign".

Last time the British Paras managed to give the German Panzergrenadiers a bloody nose in the "Corridor of Death" scenario which meant the Paras held on and the Germans had to try and take this village again.

Both sides had taken quite a few casualties last time out so the chosen Supports would be crucial.

My Paras once more chose to put up a road block and a flame throwing team arrived which hopefully would be more potent than a Piat gun.

Ian was obviously impressed with his Self Propelled gun so this time he "bought" two from his Support Options  plus replacing some of his lost infantrymen.

Here's the battlefield viewed from the British end before the action starts.

After we had finished the Patrol Phase and therefore worked out our front line, both sides had "Jump Off Points" to work from, mostly set inside buildings. One British Junior Leader recklessly leads his men forward from the safety of the big barn and heads for a farmhouse - which turns out to be a German "Jump Off Point" and contains at least one nasty MG42 !

They are badly hit but still attempt to take the farmhouse - bad move, all wiped out including the flame thrower team and the Junior Leader ! Disastrous start !

German troops deploy from another "Jump of Point" in the orchards.

But the nastiest surprise is the arrival of not one but two Lorraine Schleppers with those powerful guns.

The German infantry wait and let the Self Propelled guns do their work.

Another German section appears next to the farm.

as cautious German infantry ease forwards on their right flank too.

German troops have now got into the grounds near the big white barn.

As this is getting too close for comfort, the British CO deploys a 2" mortar in a well protected garden to lob some bombs onto the enemy.

Meantime, his men have erected a formidable barrier across the road to stop the SP guns being able to  just charge down the road.

However, they are busy punching shells into the buildings, setting them on fire and preventing the Paras being able to use them for cover for long.

The result is the British are forced back time and again as buildings collapse. Here German troops are following up.

Out on the German right, more infantry are hugging the hedgerows to try and outflank the Paras.

They do attract fire but this immediately causes a reaction from the German SP guns.

Building after building is hit leaving the Paras little or no cover

For once, the German infantry are in the open and a bren team exacts some revenge by firing from high up in the red tiled three storey building.

The SP guns move forward - the lead one has taken a casualty from sniper fire - but the sniper was spotted and eliminated by alert Panzergrenadiers on overwatch.

Half the village is now firmly in German control.

The German squad hit by bren fire has retreated behind a stone wall for now.

But the German infantry are having more joy on their left flank, waiting for the signal to cross yet another high wall.

A German NCO gets his men forward in support

The SP gun with one casualty has now moved forward so as to bombard other buildings 

German infantry are now across the wall into the side street and get into a fire fight with Paras in the street.

Both sides are taking casualties

That b****y first Lorraine Schlepper has reached the barricade !

The Paras are out gunned and the CO and his team now get wiped out by grenades hurled over the wall.

The Germans have now got to the last house and the few Paras still alive have legged it out the back of the village.

The British Para platoon is down to a bare handful of men and are taken out of the line and sent back to the DZ.

In the next scenario, they have to defend the church at Ranville - but they have a whole fresh new Platoon to bring into battle - just as well as this one is done for !

The German attacks will continue ...

Sunday, 7 January 2018

AK47 Republic game at the Club

After tinkering with this period for some time, we finally got the troops on the table down at the club today.

Allan took the role of the People's Democratic Front trying to depose my lawfully elected President-for-Life, Erasmus Fyfees.

Ian Roberts offered to talk us through the rules and advise/umpire.

Ian tries to remember the rules whilst Allan sorts out the rebel forces watched by another Ian!

The key positions are - military camp in the left hand bottom corner and two road junctions with adjacent buildings.

The President has a tank unit at one road junction

and he is approaching this position in his jeep accompanied by his bodyguard unit

In the larger village, government troops mill about.

But not for much longer - rebel tanks can be heard coming down the road.

Distracted for a moment - I looked around at the Wings of War aerial game brought along by Graham and his friend and neighbour from Thaxted, with Steve Clarke and Mike joining in.

Looked a lot of fun - Graham's mat even has the trenches and shell craters featured below.

He has an impressive collection of German and Allied planes.

Behind their group, Les and company were playing an Ancients game using "L'Art de la Guerre" rules. 

Another attractive looking game.

Massed phalanx and skirmish troops.

Opposite, another group had a WWII tank battle going on - not sure what the rules were.

but playing cards play a part.

Mike and Sue's fantasy crew had another good looking game going on in the corner of the hall too.

Back to AK47, I managed to roll a double 6 with shooting from the village

which put paid to one of Allan's tanks !

The Presidential tanks move up to where the action is.

and the President gets his bodyguard through the first village following the tankers.

At the military base, infantry hear the sound of the gunfire.

Allan's tanks continue to fire into the village where an obstinate government truck with heavy MG blocks the street.

Charge !  Allan's militia charge out of the jungle to attack the village supported by a Toyota technical.

The President sends forwards his heavy MG men.

The infantry from the military camp move up the road towards the enemy.

Allan's tanks have moved around the village and pour on more fire

The Presidential armour seem to be at a loss what to do - thick jungle to their right stops movement and government troops in the village are in the way !

A fierce fight is conducted for the village

but defensive fire wins the day

despite some losses, the rebels are thrown back.

What's this ? Over my shoulder, I spy a yellow balloon involved in the Wings of War game !

Or "Wings of Glory" as it is now called after a name dispute with another company.

My tanks try to negotiate the jungle but its a no-go.

The government truck has succumbed but so has the rebel Technical.

Government troops are now hard pressed in the village as tank round after tank round pounds them.

Bathed in sunlight, government armoured cars arrive via the military camp.

and follow the infantry up the road.

But Allan has reinforcements too - Panhard Armoured cars and plenty more infantry lead by their glorious General.

They join the fight for the village

Two shots from the Panhards take out my two new armoured car arrivals !

At last, the government tankls have got around the jungle and fire at the Panhards

Success !  Two of those go up in flames too !

Good old Centurions !

The remaining Panhard has caused sufficient damage to the government infantry out front of the armoured cars as to cause their retreat.

Another good shot by the government forces see the remaining rebel Technical blow up.

By this point, we had both run out of steam, game-wise and homes were calling.

Neither Allan or I were much impressed with the rules to be honest and we will try another ruleset next time as we do like this theatre of war, modern African warfare.

I guess with all key points still in government hands, it was a victory for  Erasmus Fyfees but we will not dwell on that.

We will set this aside for now I think and return another day, possibly using Chain of Command rules.