Thursday, 16 November 2017

Siege of Masada

Yet more pics from our recent Med cruise - this time a shore cruise in Israel.
En route to the Dead Sea, we stopped Masada to see where the Romans had attacked the Jews defending their mountain top fortress.

Easier than for the Romans, we queued to get the cable car to the top !

Definitely too far to climb in this heat and we only had a few hours.

Up at the top, signage was clear and much evidence of professional archeology work completed and still under way 

The views across this desert wasteland are incredible

This is how the Jews were able to hold out for so long - under ground water cisterns

This is a view of Herod's three tiered palace which would have had all the latest luxuries at the time.

and here's the famous ramp erected by the Romans to attack the Jewish stronghold

Perhaps a clearer view of the ramp

Jewish slaves were forced to construct this, knowing the outcome for their compatriots above

Below, the outlines of the Roam camps can still seen

Looking straight down the ramp 

Herod even had Roman style mosaic floors up here on the top of the mountain

Its only when you are atop the mountain, you realise how extensive the fortress is and what a large area it covers

Having had a good look around, back to the cable car and the drive to the Dead Sea

and back to the ship at Haifa for a sundowner !

Marvellous !

The following day, we were back on shore to go and see Jerusalem - but that is another story.

Monday, 13 November 2017

Another Fort for you !

Back to our recent Mediterranean cruise.

Another fort I managed to persuade my wife and friends to look at was the one at the entrance to Heraklion harbour in Crete.

Built originally by the Venetians, it has been beautifully restored and is now a very good museum.

I'll let the pictures do the talking ...

At the fore of this picture is a squid hanging at the restaurant where we had a coffee before returning to the ship !  Several cats were prowling below it wondering how they could get at it !!!

So that's Heraklion fort.