Saturday, 6 May 2017

Mini Blenheim !

After our return from the Wargames Holiday Centre Blenheim game, Steve Clarke and I continued our "fix" by setting up the area from Oberglau to Lutzingen at my War Rooms - and I forgot to "blog" the action, so here it is belatedly.

Steve took the part of the Franco-Bavarian army, I had the British & Allies.

We carried on using the amended Black Powder rules used at WHC.

British on the left facing Lutzingen

Prussians and other Germans on the British right flank

and this is Oberglau on the British left

We also carried on using unit sizes as at WHC- collectively, the brigades still look impressive.

French right of the line

Still lots of "First Fire" stickers in evidence !

The Germans attack Lutzingen in force - a tough nut to crack as before.

British troops tangled up by marshy ground in the centre

And the French gunners make the most of it !

Oberglau under attack

Grenadiers cross the fields to get at the enemy behind Lutzingen

Despite being attacked by these big numbers, the Bavarians held on to the village for hours

Another view of the French centre - Austrian Croats have had to be drafted in to make up the numbers 

The British attacks went on

Prussian Grenadiers - old Minifigs !

British troops crash into the French lines on the left of Oberglau

The British really have got bogged down in the centre !

Gunners fire at Lutzingen from an advanced position

The Germans & Prussians head for the French & Bavarians behind Lutzingen

This is the over view as the shadows are drawing in.

A French brigade has been broken on their right.

The British brigade commander in the centre is trying to untangle his units from the swamp

The French centre still looks strong.

British troops are now even behind Oberglau attacking

No such luck against Lutzingen

Despite artillery support

Some units are looking shaky from the fire they have received both from the village and ahead.

More artillery unlimbers and fires at the village.

French infantry advance towards the British guns

and their supporting infantry is not in great shape after being pounded by the enemy on high ground

At last the British commander has managed to send in attacks towards the French centre, by-passing the swamp.

Allied cavalry now arrives to exploit the gap created on the left where French troops have fled.

This wing is clearly won by the British.

They need to break the enemy centre and/or left to gain a clear victory.

Prussian grenadiers attack on cue

but the foolishly too advanced British artillery are shot up by advancing French troops, causing major problems.

The attacks left of centre go in against disordered enemy infantry

If they can break this brigade, the day is won

and more British units move up to help

The British gunners have all gone and British infantry having to shore up the position left of Lutzingen as the French keep coming.

All hangs in the balance over on the Allied right, beyond Lutzingen

Its not plain sailing on this wing

We had to call a halt as night came, but playing out a few more bounds solo the next day, it became clear the British would break the French centre, so only Lutzingen holding out spoiled the British having a complete victory.

So there you have it. Better late than never !

Sunday, 30 April 2017

Sharp Practice in India

Amidst this peaceful village hides one of the ring leader of the revolt against British rule.

Captain Harry Cost has been charged with capturing or killing him.

A mixed force of Company men, loyal Indian Sepoys, cavalry & civilian volunteers has been scrapped together for this purpose.

And the Loyal Indians are the first to move against the village

 An immediate reaction - enemies appear and fire.

And worryingly, in the undergrowth flanking the Sepoys, another enemy force gives fire.

Which causes quite a lot of shock. The East India Company men move forwards on the flank of the Loyal Sepoys.

And the civilian volunteers too charge forwards.

Lets get to grips with them !

Cost's men fire before engaging in melee. 

They blow away the first enemy force, killing their leader.

The British cavalry having moved on the left flank, are engaged by more musketeers hidden amongst some crops.

Still plenty of bad Sepoys in this village, it is clear !

And even more appear left of the village. 

Badmashes are now seen on the roof of another building

The cavalry are forced back with casualties.

And the Loyal Sepoys are threatened by advancing enemy on their right flank.

The Volunteers have gained the roof of the left hand building as Cost's men get into the village.

Despite getting as far as the market place in the centre of the village, the rebel leader has moved himself away from danger, leaving his men to stop the British.

Despite utmost bravery, Cost and his men are overwhelmed by weight of numbers and the constant musket fire from all directions causes their force morale to drop - mission failed !

We have not played Sharp Practice for a while but it lived up to its usual excitement and unpredictability - great fun !