Thursday, 6 December 2018

The Battle of Lessie's Moor : ECW using For King & Parliament

Steve came over for a game today and the table had been set up in readiness, using this play test scenario available on Simon Miller's website "Big Red Bat Cave".

Here are the combatants and their dispositions

and here's the back story

To fit my room, it was shrunk a little to 10' x 8', fighting across the central walk way. This is the Royalist side

and this the Parliamentarian

Steve won the toss, so his Parliamentarians moved first and his first effort was to get his left wing cavalry brigade forward and over the hedge line

His artillery opened fire

Plenty of noise and smoke - but they missed !

Not what the Parliamentarian commander expected !

Did I mention that a friendly land lord, Al Murray, has a pub in Lower Loxley ? 

Now the Royalists get to move and their right wing cavalry moves towards the enemy cavalry opposite

The Royalist Foot brigade also moves up

The Royalist cavalry have succeeded in charging the enemy brigade and immediately cause disorder to both of the Parliamentarian regiments

The Parliamentarian foot advance and exchange fire with the Royalist regiments 

Royalist cavalry over on their left have gone forward, turned ready to charge enemy infantry in the flank, only to fail their next command !

Naturally, Steve charges his cavalry into the exposed flank of the Royalists

Amazingly, they survive this and cause disorder to the attackers !

Over on the Royalist right, the two Parliamentarian cavalry regiments have broken and fled, the Royalists must pursue.

The Parliamentarian left flank continues to take hits

But the Royalist cavalry in the centre has broken and fled, so honours are even at this stage.

The Royalist Commander, Lord Pargetter moves forward with his Cuirassier Lifeguard unit

Steve's right flank cavalry now advance - a flurry of cards mark their progress

Royalist commanded shot have succeeded in beating off a Parliamentary cavalry attack and indeed have broken another unit

But its "tit for tat" as a Royalist infantry unit breaks through excess losses

The Royalist cavalry commander has managed to rally his pursuing horsemen, preventing them from disappearing from the field

Parliamentary dragoons have turned to face this new threat to their flank

Parliamentary cavalry attempted to charge some Royalist commanded shot but fail their command and get shot at for their troubles

Too many troops are leaving the field !

However, an inspired charge by Prince Gustavus Adolphus's regiment not only takes out an enemy regiment from the flank but breaks the rest of the Parliamentarian cavalry brigade 

These losses have tipped the balance - Steve had to surrender his remaining Victory tokens, so the Royalists had won in the nick of time.

This was a closely fought contest and could have gone either way, so quite absorbing - and yes, if you are wondering, we did go to the pub for lunch !

Sunday, 2 December 2018

French Indian Wars : Sharp Practice

Today, Ian brought along his superb FIW collection for us to have a game of Sharp Practice at the club.

I chose the British force which had to defend the settlers at the homestead bottom left of this picture. A wooden road bridge was the most direct route to the settlement for the British troops.

This river bisected the table with a ford mid way

Here are the settlers in and around the farm

Blissfully unaware of the approach of the French and Indians

What an ideal place to bring up a family.

 Alerted by some noise coming from the woods, the men line the fence with muskets at the ready

Out of their view, Indians and French militia are coming through the trees, some heading to the ford.

A British force of Regulars and Provincials march down the road and start crossing the bridge

Rogers Rangers are sent to investigate the woods on their flank

The British Commander has become distracted already so his No.2 keeps the column moving

The Rangers emerge from the tree line and see the ford - and Indians beyond !

This is going to get messy !

More British militia are sent to aid Rogers

French militia now appear

as a French column makes its way through the trees too

But the settlers are still unable to see anything.

The British column has been delayed because their commander has become disorientated (!) but eventually the Sergeant is able to get them moving once more.

The first of the French emerge from the tree line opposite the farmstead

and they charge forward

Rogers has had to back off to restore some order as his men have been outgunned in a firefight with the enemy Indians.

The British formations have turned to face across the fence line but already they are being outflanked by French forces getting behind the farmstead

some of these now cross the fences to engage the settlers

and the settlers are destroyed !

Down by the ford, British militia have moved up to engage the Indians and try and drive them back

But more and more French troops come through the trees to attack the farmstead, forcing the British to turn and face this threat

The French are firing controlled volleys whereas the British have become split already

At this point, some Indians loyal to the British arrive and head for the ford to assist in the fight there

The battle for the ford becomes a bitter contest

The British regulars are being outgunned by the French by the farm

Some of the French Indians have "felt the heat" and retreated to lick their wounds

Slowly, the British militia and Indians are getting the better of the fight for the ford

but the main fight for the farmstead has taken a turn for the worst as a devastating controlled volley by the French has decimated the redcoat ranks

The British militia and Indians have forced back the enemy from the ford but gun smoke is now causing a problem

With the red coats beaten, the Provincial Infantry formation must now try to turn the tide

French troops have been diverted to the ford now the Indians have broken

The green jacketed British Provincials get ready to fire

Rogers and the other militia have now taken the ford

knowing things are going badly at the farm, Rogers leads his men in a desperate charge against the enemy - but he loses and most of his men are killed !

This was the final straw with British morale collapsing to zero.

Guess this will be a French farm from now on !!!