Monday, 22 October 2012

Blenneville or Bust, New Campaign from Too Fat Lardies for I Aint Been Shot Mum rules.

I downloaded this as soon as it came out last week, being a sucker for TFL games and having only recently finished our Eastern Front campaign from the Vyazma or Bust supplement.
My first go at it (solo) is the British attack at Avaux by tanks from 101st RTR plus a company of infantry from 1st Royal Windsor Foresters - and no, don't going looking for these as neither the places or the units really exist !
Here's a view of Avaux from the direction of the British attack

And another view from the German player's end.
The British started with a "stonk" by off-table artillery right on Avaux village which took out the Germans' one and only PAK40 anti-tank gun and prime mover, killing all the crew including their commander (Big Man No.3).  There were also casualties in the buildings across the street - not a good start for the German player.
Forward units of German infantry hidden in the bocage spy British tanks and supporting infantry heading straight for them.
Some are investigating the cottage to their fore.
This is quickly occupied by the British.
Lt. Carlyle's troop of Shermans head around the outskirts undetected by the German defenders.
Whilst Lt. Salisbury made straight for the hedge line in front of him with his four Shermans - bad mistake, the German infantry were waiting and took out Salisbury & his Firefly lead tank.
Meanwhile, two STuGs emerge onto the road in the village and engage the British carriers which had just appeared in the distance.
The lead carrier is hit but is not knocked out.
A section from the Windsors' 1st platoon close with the foremost German infantry.
The battle for Avaux will continue today ....


  1. That's a big table. What size figures are you using?

    Great report too.

  2. Its 8 x 4', Pat, and they are 20mm figures (a mix of Raventhorpe & Britannia) & vehicles (Armourfast, Dragon, Airfix).

    I'm having fun with it today !