Monday, 15 October 2012

The Attack on Gu Li.

Fresh from their recent victory, the Bolsheviks have pressed on to the border town of Gu Li which guards the River Dim Sun.  Chinese troops hold this in strength around the town gate & Customs House.
The Russians send some allied tribal cavalry forward to cause confusion.
"Dare to Die" Chinese swordsmen are rushed to the gateway.
And the Chinese have their own local tribesmen under arms.
And look - the famous Arms Dealer, Adman Kashsnoggi, is handing over an Armoured Car to the Town Major.
The British Consul and his Politcal Officer spy this
Whilst a Travelling Officer gathers other intelligence.
The Britiah Consul orders his garrison to full alert.
All's under control for now, but we can expect an attack on Gu Li any moment, he murmers.
To be continued ...

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