Monday, 22 October 2012

Avaux, Part 2

The British want to push at least 4 Shermans through Avaux with a Big Man (leader figure).  The Germans want to stop them.  Nothing complex here then.
The STuGs take out the 2 MG carriers.
Infantry contest the bocage.
Tank killers get a Sherman in the lane.
But there's three more where that one came from !
Another tank killer team notch up a kill.

British infantry rush up the road
So the STuGs decide to fire at them.
Backed up by MGs firing from the top floor of the building hiding a tank killer team too.
No.1 Tank troop push forward again.
And here come the "Fly Boys" to add a bit of punch.
The fighter manages to bracket a STuG without scoring a single hit !
Infantry HQ vehicle takes a hit and the only survivor is the Adjutant.
The fighter returns for another go and this time smacks the STuG on the rump, causing some shock to the inhabitants.
That'll keep them quiet for a moment.
British infantry take the first bocage defence line.
As No.1 Troop by-pass their commander's burning Firefly.
The dreaded tank killers have scored another hit.
As a brave lieutenant leads his infantry forwards.
The dash for the second bocage line.
The tanks are over but not without damage.
2nd Platoon follow up but are engaged by fire from the cottages.
Another Sherman brews up.
No.1 Troop catch a STuG in the flank.
And 2 Shermans speed forwards with another trying to catch up.
British infantry hug the bocage.
As the German CO with his HQ men set a charge on one of the Shermans passing by.
The tank CO now charges forward to engage the remaining STuG.
But horror of horrors, an 88mm appears at the end of the street and takes out the lead Sherman.
The game is up as the British do not have enough tanks left.  If its any consolation, they have destroyed all the German infantry - including their CO who was crushed beneath the tracks of an on-coming Sherman.
This was a proper blood bath.  The village has fallen but at such a cost and too many tanks were lost.  Monty is going to be furious.

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