Thursday, 18 October 2012

The Attack on Giu Li : the final episode.

The ever confident Bolshevik commander pressed on with his attack
The Irregular Tribal Cavalry smashed through the flimsy line of sentries and then fought the "Dare to Die" troops.
Their luck continued and the Chinese buckled under this assault.
They fled and were pursued
and ridden down.
At this point, the newly acquired Rolls Royce armoured car decided to take a hand and opened up with its MG on the cavalrymen.
Just as the Cossacks burst through the gateway in support.
With a Russian armoured car hurrying up to join them.
The Chinese Commander decided to bring forward the Tribal Levy and they were pounced on by the Cossacks.
But proved to be of sterner stuff than expected.
At this point, the two Chinese tankettes moved up to attack
Just as the first Russian armoured car enters the town.
The town is now a mayhem of fighting.
 The Levy wisely retreat behind a wall to carry on the fight with the Cossacks.
Russian infantry now approaches but the first armoured car has been forced back.
Siberian infantry are urged on by the Commander.
As a duel is fought between the Russians' 2nd armoured car and the Chinese tankettes.
The Siberians capture the Custom House next to the main gate.
More Russian infantry pour through the gate to the consternation of the Chinese controlled Rolly Royce A/C.
The Chinese tankettes withdrew and with the border defences in tatters, the Red Flag wins the day !
Incidentally, Dave Ryan of Partizan Press has now sent me the updated version of the rules and I can report that the "glitches" in the earlier version have all been ironed out.  Indeed, the new booklet is real eye candy for anyone remotely interested in this quirky era.

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